Widiane Suites & Spa – Atlas Mountains, Morocco

It’s not every day you get an Arabic Sensation admirer on a holiday, but this was my experience when I visited the Atlas Mountains in Morocco with a girlfriend.

At the end of a two-hour drive off the beaten dusty track, I could only gasp in awe when I saw the fresh water lake of Bin el Ouidane resting peacefully between the Atlas Mountains.

As we arrived at the 5* Luxury Widiane Suites & Spa resort, nested in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, the resort was spaced out all the way up the red stone mountain and green vegetation even owning its own helicopter pad. It’s a completely different take on Morocco when compared to the dustiness, smelliness and hustle of Marrakech.


Contrasting landscapes, fresh air and open views enriched my senses as we got bugged to the Reception. After a swift check-in and a somewhat peculiar welcome drink of a questionable looking glass of milk and fresh dates, we were shown to our suite, which overlooked the infinity pool and lake. There was not a person in sight.

The room was in the complex that is nearest to the lake and the cliff, which was perfect. It was modern with gentle colours of green, greys, baby blues and white and had the biggest bed I have ever seen. It seemed even bigger than King Size, as my friend and I lay in a star shape on the bed and were still unable to touch each other! The shower was in slick black granite and also very modern and clean. To our surprise, we had a welcome fruit platter and a bottle of red house wine as a warm welcome, which we of course didn’t mind. So far, blown away.


Days were spent sun-worshipping, sipping cocktails by the pool, going on morning walks and taking slow strolls to the spa where I was blessed to experience my first Traditional Thai Massage. When informed that I must wear a uniform of baggy white trousers and what seemed like a straight jacket, I wondered what kind of massage is this? Perplexed, my friend and I both settled on mats and the two pocket-sized Thai ladies cracked, pulled and clicked joints I didn’t even know I had. But the afterglow, or should I say afterflow you feel is incredible. I felt like I was floating on air, everything felt aligned and balanced, all tension dissolved.

The grounds are beautiful, perfect for nature lovers and people who are seeking for some privacy. Gorgeous Pink Bougainvillea trees stood in their inhabited beauty, along with other colourful shrubs and bushes. The hotel seemed empty, with so many little love hubs dotted around the resort where you can just cuddle up with a partner and watch time standing still. Only at dinner and breakfast we would have the presence of other guests. It was then that I met my admirer, whose name I do not recall. Big juicy Arab. Through his translator, we discovered that he was there to film his next video, was accompanied by an entourage, and that he was fond of me. Little did he know, he was barking up the wrong tree. They stayed in a suite a couple of doors down from us and invited us to have lunch with them. Lavish room service was brought to anything we could possibly want, however I found the meal extremely uncomfortable.


Not being able to communicate with anybody but his translator, we all ate in silence, trying our hardest not to break it with outrageous laughter, and not be rude by dismissing ourselves and getting back to sunbathing. Fortunately, Big juicy Arab and his entourage would fly back that same night, so the “holiday romance” was short lived. He invited me to come and visit him in Abu Dabi to which I smiled sweetly.

My friend and I managed to get a boat trip to the freshwater lake, for a fun girly day out. Whilst fuelling our inner child by jumping off the boat into the lake, our captain showed us a restaurant up the mountain overlooking the lake which you can only walk to or get a helicopter to – very fancy. All part of the very romantic, luxurious and relaxing feel to the area and our resort.



I very much enjoyed our stay and was pleased with our privacy and relaxation levels. The only downfall was that they didn’t allow us to drink their house wine in the Karma bar, nor could the chef make me some fresh fluffy bread to go with my hummus. And despite the restaurant staff being trained, after the waiter showed us the wine we chose to drink at dinner, he let us try it and it wasn’t to our taste, but he argued that we had to purchase the bottle as he had opened it! Erm, so what is the point of you letting us try it?

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, even awkward admirers and so did this holiday.

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