Where to stay on Gold Coast / The Island Hotel

There are a few key factors when choosing a hotel to stay especially if you are celebrating a special occasion.

Through my globe trotting experiences I have learnt a thing or two about picking the perfect accommodation regardless of the destination.

I personally favour a boutique hotel over the big chains due to their character and quirky decor. Additionally,  I look for eco-friendly aspects like if they recycle, or have an organic veggie garden which they supply their breakfast ingredients from. I am also a sucker for any brand that are involved in giving back to their local communities, the environment and making a difference.

That being said, location, location, location is always key. Oh, as well as the service, oh God, I am a huge fan of impeccable customer service.

I chose to stay at The Island Hotel based on that criteria. It is situated right in the middle of Surfers Paradise. This gorgeous boutique hotel has newly renovated rooms, hosts weekly events for both visitors and locals – think Gin & Jazz evenings on a Thursday – it had to be the one!

The Island Hotel, is home to 98 stylish rooms and suites which also boasts one of the largest rooftop bars on the Gold Coast, where you see people on dates, celebrating special occasions or just having some casual after work drinks in its contagious atmosphere.

It’s always a good sign when the locals consider a place to be where they hang-out, have a couple of drinks and get some work done to the sound of soft house music and happy-hour cocktails.

I stayed in the King Suite, which is the largest and most lavish of the rooms. Situated on the top floor of the hotel, you get a bird’s eye view of Surfers where high-rises dominate the landscape, with an overview of the rooftop, pool and a peak of the ocean.

I am obsessed with the lux Scandi-decor, and how trendy yet classy it feels. The suite also possesses a monochrome walk-in shower, with a bright light around the mirror for those out of the world selfies!

Space or outside noise is not an issue, where you get your own little kitchenette to make a lovely cuppa tea – which is great for visitors who like to prepare some of their own meals whilst travelling.

The service was also impeccable. The hotel was able to cater to my vegan dietary requirements at their restaurant downstairs, and even had a designated photographer on site to take those ever important Insta pics of me!

I would highly recommend this hotel as it is very reasonably priced, rooms start from $170, and suites are $209 including breakfast and wifi. Season dependant.

STAY HERE: https://www.theislandgoldcoast.com.au / BOOKING.COM


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