W Hotel – Koh Samui

We like to switch it up and not be the conventional holidaymakers that toast themselves by the pool whilst sipping beer all day long for the 2 weeks they are away. We like to have buckets of adventure and explore until our feet are sore. Relate or nah?


After another early rise and a quick healthy brekkie we picked up our new beast, an orange 4×4 pickup truck. This one had bad boy air conditioning, a working fuel indicator so we can actually know when we are running out, other than relying on my psychic powers to know when that time is, power steering and even a CD player with an all-inclusive CD which has remakes of all commercial popish-rnbish tunes! #winning

Waterfall 2 – How To Do It Right.

We headed towards one of the waterfalls, which is simply called Waterfall 2. Rather creative name there. The Waterfall 1 is apparently rubbish so we didn’t waste our time going there.

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With a small fee of 100Baht each we get in and drive to the peak on in an off-road jeep. No matter how capable a driver you are you won’t be able to navigate those roads yourself, so after we got dropped off at the top we had to make our own way to the Waterfall. 

I was excited about the adventure and discovering something which I had never seen before but, here comes the hard to please side of me – I have been to Niagara Falls a couple of years back and after seeing that waterfall not a lot of waterfalls will be able to come close. 

After climbing for about 5 minutes we reached this small dribbling waterfall, you know when you have an iffy toilet and it keeps dribbling after you have flushed? Well, that’s what this waterfall looked like!!? With nowhere to swim or even take those cliché waterfall pictures, I was not impressed. But I didn’t dwell on my disappointment as a little Thai guy climbed out of his hammock next to us, to tell us in broken English and hand gestures that we can go to the top and there is another waterfall and we can swim there. I was down, let’s go!

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So just the three of us myself started climbing off the beaten track, in the middle of this tropical forest. Dodging exposed tree roots as well as hungry mummy mosquitos (note to self: wear repellent next time) as we followed the exact steps of our guide in his mismatching broken flip-flops, all up a very steep heel.

We grabbed branches and roots, yes roots as all of the steps were so high I knew all my glute exercises, as well as stretches, were being done simultaneously.  The climb was very intense, no prisoners taken as everyone was focused on their steps trying not to break their necks and fall off this steep climb.

Dead silence and pure survival mode. I was not showing any signs of slowing down nor was I moaning, this kind of adventures awaken a warrior within me. My face was dripping in sweat, with no time to even wipe it off I was only thinking about where I was putting my foot next and what was I grabbing next to pull myself up. Finally, we got there after 20 minutes of hardcore uphill climb.




The waterfall was serene. Only us there. Our guide didn’t hesitate to jump into the waterfall first after which I followed suit and jumped right into the refreshing, fresh water awakening all my senses (read: washing off all that sweat!). We splashed in the cold refreshing water and massaged our backs in the falling waterfall, before realising only our Go-Pro camera had the battery to take pictures with. Damn it, all those breath-taking views couldn’t even be properly captured.


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After taking some selfies and soaking in the views, we started our climb back, which felt much quicker than the climb up, naturally. We got back down safely, we paid our guide all the cash that we had on us, but it was totally worth it as without his guidance we wouldn’t have been able to experience such an epic adventure! 

French Kiss Restaurant


On our way back we stopped off at a little restaurant called French Kiss owned by a friendly French man. He clearly went on holiday to Thailand, fell in love and never returned. Spectacular views of what seemed like a fisherman’s village with old traditionally built boats moored in the bay. The restaurant was very simple and spacious, all made out of bamboo overlooking the still ocean and some distant islands. We could see a storm brewing as the air suddenly became really humid and the skies started to be dominated by thick, dark clouds. I had been waiting to experience a Thai tropical monsoon since we got there and today was going to be the day.


As we drove back to our hotel, we stopped off at a petrol station to get some of my beloved bubble tea and we saw everybody started to run around because the rain was coming! Without hesitation, I ran outside in my little shorts and white shirt and span around squealing and laughing with joy as the huge rain drops dropped on my face and my whole body relentlessly, soaking me to the bone.

We were the only nutters on the flooded streets, grinning from ear to eat whilst getting so soaked even our money was soaked. There is something about dancing in the rain that is so liberating! Click To Tweet




Today was supposed to be a day where we would migrate to another hotel and see if the grass was greener on the other side. Throughout the day, we checked out a few hotels including the exquisite, majestic and stylish Conrad.


Wow, it was out of this world as well as our budget, so we just used their toilets, as you do.

So now we were not only homeless but now drenched, but we wouldn’t let that get to us as we drove to the beach and ran into the ocean fully clothed like a BOSS. This is what life is about. Not a soul on the beach I floated silently like a starfish listening to the drops as they hit the ocean. I immersed myself in the element that is water feeling its total stillness and listening to its secrets. This was the perfect opportunity to unbind, unchain, unhook and just let myself become one with the ocean.

After doing Mayweather sit ups in the shallow waters with the monsoon still in full swing, we ended up going back to the beloved and loyal The Saraan hotel.  

We didn’t find anything else which was as nice with a great location and a great price as it was. We ended up taking the Jacuzzi room this time. As we got in after dropping out wet bags, we ran the hot Jacuzzi. It was just outside the bedroom in an outside private terrace, accompanied by a lovely hot cup of tea. I cracked opened the Ferrero Roche from the mini bar, thought we should go all out and celebrate this epic day!


The W Hotel Retreat


In the late evening, we went for a drive to check out some more hotels that we were considering staying at. I utterly fell in love with The Four Seasons. It was as if you entered heaven when you drove up a long bendy road up to the reception.

It’s situated on top of a mountain so high up you feel like you are on Cloud 9 and I think I was, with just a central fountain which drops all the way down into the trees below you. We asked the receptionist some questions, she was so lovely and very accommodating, we took all notes on board and drove up to the W Retreat which was another hotel which tickled my fancy that I wanted to check out. The W Retreat was like a house rave, funky lights, big opened space, very cosmopolitan and contemporary and with a completely different feel to The Four Seasons.

I was at an “8 out of 10 hungry” by this point and it’s not a pretty sight when I get to this stage, not wanting to eat at the W Retreat we only stayed to watch the sunset and had some cocktails and kept it moving..

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As we drove back to Chewang nothing was opened but it was only 11pm? We realised that the martial law was in place even in Koh Samui, and the whole town was under a 10pm curfew.

Nobody wants to go to sleep with a hungry woman, who refused to speak let alone leave the villa again in search of food! So the good man that my boyfriend is, he went driving around the island until he found a restaurant who made us a take away even though they don’t actually do take away!! He brought home the bacon, like any good provider should and feed his hangry woman.

As this food was not intended to be taken away nor was it intended to be eaten in a hotel, we ended up using the cups you get for tea and coffee in your villa for soup and the rest we ate straight out of the plastic bags, sitting on the floor. It was one of those perfectly imperfect moments. 

This was the best day ever, in very many unpredictable ways. I am easily pleased really.

She smiled at the ocean because the waves told her story - r.m.drake Click To Tweet

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