Postcards from Lake Como, Italy

Some places you visit and they can’t be put into words. Lake Como is that place for me, not that my vocabulary is not big enough (although maybe it isn’t) it simply is ineffable, that’s a big word you can look up! 

I had the pleasure of visiting this majestic lake back in July 2015, although I only had a few hours there as I done a day-trip from Milan, but it was enough to totally fall in love with it. It was so peaceful and captivating. There were not many tourists or even locals around, and that really added to my experience. My friend Marta is from Lake Como and I met up with her so she can briefly show me around. We visited the town centre and see Como Cathedral, as well as try some amazing coffee with ice-cream and visit one of her favourite shops. 

She had many great recommendations for next time I visit, some of which I will share with you now.

If you have more time than me then do get the funicular train up to the peaceful and picturesque village of Brunate.  

Marta also recommends to visit Menaggio and Bellagio which are also small towns around the lake which are full of charm, character and authenticity. 

If you love Star Wars and want to visit somewhere iconic why not visit Villa Belbianello, the most stunning villa on the edge of the lake, where you can go and have lunch on the terrace soaking up the incredible energy that Lake Como has. 

Pictures don’t even do Lake Como justice, you just have to visit for yourself..









There is something very grounding and tranquil when you are surrounded by mountains wouldn’t you agree?

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