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Veganism is gaining momentum and I love being part of this incredible, sustainable, compassionate future. 
Vevolution is the new kid on the block. Every month, Damien and Judy host sell-out, thought-provoking, inspiring events and there is also an annual festival, featuring some of the baddest vegans in the world. These vegans are making waves. Their mission is to inspire people to make this world a better place, by helping people to understand veganism for what it really is and empowering us to be more compassionate and conscious, and create a deeper sense of unity. 
In February, they hosted their first 2017 event at the trendy Trampery in Old Street. The evening was all about food innovation. There were three inspiring, extraordinary human beings who are doing a kick-ass job at living out their purpose, and transforming lives while doing so. 
We heard from some of London’s most exciting food innovators, who are all making a massive contribution to the fast-growing vegan scene here in London. We heard from the founders themselves; the likes of JP from Allplants, Sarah Bentley from Made in Hackney, the founders of BOSH! Ian and Henry, and then to wrap it all up, we had a panel discussion hosted by Meriel Armitage of Club Mexicana. 
Sarah from Made in Hackney is single-handedly transforming Hackney by putting on plant-based cooking classes, which educate and empower those people who are most in need: low-income families, children in care, teenage carers, young people excluded from school, parents and children, and people suffering from diet-related health problems. 
We also heard from the hilarious guys at BOSH! who told us about their journey; they started an incredibly successful channel, which has garnered more than a million likes on Facebook. Their videos show viewers how to create plant-based, easy-to-make dishes at home.  
JP also spoke about how vegan food doesn’t have to be boring or bland. His convenient and flavoursome frozen meals are an example of just how amazing vegan meals can be, and they are good for you too. 
It was so inspiring to see how they all come from very different backgrounds prior to launching their vegan businesses. However, this shows how, when you are passionate about something and you are making a contribution, you’ll discover there is a demand for it and you’ll be rewarded with prosperity and success. 
People are curious. People no longer want to contribute to the mass harm and pain that we are causing to animals and the planet! With huge, chain restaurants, supermarkets and the food industry in general realising that veganism is not a fad or a diet, but a sustainable way of living, they are also changing their ways to meet the demand. Our society needs more people to educate the importance of a balanced and a compassionate life, where we can all take responsibility for our mass consumption and be more conscious about how we live our lives.

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Join us at the next Vevolution event, come and say hello!!

My interview with one of the co-founders, Judy at the Vevolution Festival last year:

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