Verona & Lake Garda In Pictures

Verona’s history dates back to ancient Rome and is very charming and romantic, painted in the terracotta coloured love of Romeo & Juliet. There are many ruins, historic buildings and of course, sights which you can visit which are dedicated to the love story of the young lover birds.


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Romeo’s House – where the famous story took place.


The Verona Arena – built in the 1st century, where now a lot of concerts especially opera concerts take place.


Locanda 4 Cuochi – A fantastic restaurant right by the Verona Arena which is fancier than the other ones around it. It has a more modern take on Italian classics such as mushroom ravioli and gnocchi, with seasonal dishes like stuffed courgette flowers, which is exactly what I went for, after seeing them being sold at the market in Piazza delle Erb.


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Malcesine Castle



Lake Garda is stunning and full of iodine and other minerals. It is known for its spring baths but unknown for being host to the best surgeons in the world. This is why a lot of celebrities get lost in the walls of some of the hotels here after getting surgery and healing quickly with the help of endless thermal baths and great healing properties of the lake.

Beautiful day trip from Milan – highly recommended for people who love culture, beach and lots of Roman history!

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