My breathwork journey / o2 Awakening

I have been on a journey for the last 7 months growing, evolving, maturing in character and resilience. Along with living my best life here in Australia, I have also been experiencing a lot of challenges, hurts and my natural human need for safety, belonging and stability has been shaken up continuously. 

I came across the o2 awakening through a friend of mine in London, who did the workshop and was so moved by it, so he highly recommended that I do it too. I was very intrigued having heard what he got out of it, and wanted to experience it myself.

I would like to think that I don’t have the tendency to hide from my feelings, and have always been good at dealing with them head on. I don’t drown myself in bottles of wine, or numb myself with other distracting activities to avoid facing up to what I am dealing with. I try my best to be gentle with myself, allow myself to feel, give myself space to deal with it, and end my own suffering through meditation, journaling, being in nature, listening to Audio-books and talking to my loved ones.

When my friend told me that Helle and Lukis were doing a tour, and were down on the Gold Coast – I had to go.

My intentions for the workshop were;

I wanted to let go of my limiting beliefs, forgive everyone that has ever caused me pain, humanity for the way it has carried itself and all the suffering it has caused to animals, other humans and our planet – and most importantly to forgive myself.

My intention was to also shift energetically, so I stop the cycle of unpleasant events from keep on happening in my life. As well as release some blockages, and unlock my full potential.

No expectations, or pressure right?

As we all sat down on our mats, and got a little debrief of what is about to go down for the next couple of hours of the workshop, I felt ready, and opened to what was about to come.

Helle and Lukis have shared their own incredible stories – how they ended their own suffering and now helping the world to end theirs, one human-being at a time.

They went to explain, and as it stated on their website “We’re bringing ancient breathing techniques to the modern world to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. During our Breathwork events, we guide individuals into an altered state of consciousness to access parts of themselves that usually function outside of daily awareness. Together we unlock emotions, traumas and energy that has been suppressed so we can feel, heal and and experience true freedom from within.”

After a short break we begun the breathing experience –  In and out from the mouth with no breaks.

For the first 10-15 minutes I couldn’t feel anything other than a dry mouth and my monkey brain. I carried on breathing, whilst listening to the music and Helle guiding us through our breath. As I fell deeper into breathing, my arms came out from being beside me and my wrists locked, so did my feet.

My whole body was sweating.

It was painful, but I kept breathing into it, it was as if all of my resistance had manifested itself into this spasm. It was hard to think of anything else but the pain I was feeling – physically and emotionally. When one of them came over and put their hands on my chest, I started to weep.

I weeped with sadness – as mixed messages and emotions came over me.

I felt myself being a vulnerable little girl who was so harsh on herself. Always so sensitive, yet always knew her power. I weeped as I felt relieved and safe, supported and cared for. I surrendered to the pain from this spasm that my body was having, and I found peace in those moments, as I felt a subtle feeling that everything is going to be okay. Words I have always wanted to hear from my dad.

When I cried out this sadness and fear, by seizures eased off, and I went into this peaceful, healing little nap – completely covered in sweat, and now tears too.

Healing took place during that short nap, as when I woke up, I felt so much lighter. The room seemed bigger, and my vision was 360.

It was a surreal experience, as even after we had finished, my wrists hurt and I was still trying to process what happened in that hour. Having gone deep into this state, I knew that I gave it my all, and I trusted that whatever needed to happen in that session – did.

I may have not got any major messages from my Higher Self, or this massive bulb of clarity or forgiveness for humanity – but I felt at peace. At peace knowing that all is well, and that I am safe, and always have Angles around me who assist me through life.

We can be our own healers, if only we let yourself feel things and do the work that is necessary.

I invite everyone to experience the o2 Awakening if this is something you are called to. They are having an epic 7 day retreat in Bali in September 2018, which I don’t doubt will be life-changing.

Have you ever experienced breath-work, what was your experience? 


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