Sweat & Sound – The Yoga Experience

When the three most grounding, yet elevating forces merge together – yoga, meditation and classical music – magic happens. 
Sweat & Sound bring an exciting, new level of fitness classes to the scene. These two genius girls merge live music with grand, secret venues and highly-skilled fitness gurus to create one of the most memorable fitness classes you will ever experience!

This yoga experience was set in an impressive, historical, candle-lit church in London’s elegant Bloomsbury district. As soon as I walked in, I felt the beautiful energy, with its stunning, low hanging chandelier, and yoga mats covering the floor as far as the eye could see.  


After the doors opened, there was not much time for anything, so we settled onto our mats, and welcomed the incredibly talented Okiem and his orchestra to the front, where our yoga teacher, Hannah had also settled herself. 
The invitation was to let go of all inhibitions, let our bodies flow and be consumed by the sound of the music in it rawest form. As soon as Okiem starting playing the piano, it gave me all kinds of feels. 
Hannah masterfully guided us through the asanas, as the music began to grow, with powerful, deliberate and heartfelt melodies. As we started to breathe deeper, move wider whilst allowing ourselves to let the music flow through us. We grounded deeper into our mats, whilst sweat started to develop on our stretched out bodies. 
I never sweat during yoga, unless I am doing it in a hot climate but this class made me sweat (just what the tin says)! However, that is the beauty of yoga – it is about letting go, and getting out of our heads, and back into our hearts. There isn’t a more powerful way of doing that than through yoga, and conscious music like this. 
The meditation to finish the class was profound, as we settled into a comfortable sitting positions with Okiem playing piano solo. The music took us on a journey into our own minds, hearts, and then back up to the present moment. I felt so connected to the source, and my breathing got slyly tantric, as this state of meditation felt like the sweetest state of mind, that I wish I could have dwelt in for much longer. 
For me, the experience was a journey into the Self through conscious breathing, mindful movement and breathtaking music, which all assisted me beautifully to reach that level of consciousness. 
After sitting down all day and dealing with the toxicity of London, this experience was the most beautiful way to let go and honour myself by spending an evening like this.
The Sweat & Sound event by sampling healthy treats, lots of heart-felt hugs and pure, blissful smiles around the room who were all blown away by what they had just experienced. 
It was a truly extraordinary experience. 
If you would like to experience a Sweat & Sound event, head over to their website to see when the next one takes place. Please bear in mind that attendance to these secret events are by invitation only, however you can register your interest on their website. Mention that you would like to go after reading my blog; I am sure they will make room for you! If this event was anything to judge by, these occasions are very popular, and cost less than £20 per session.
I would also highly recommend you check out Okiem’s music, and attend one of his live events, you won’t regret it. 

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