The best vegan pizza in London!

I first discovered The Stable when they did a ‘free vegan pizza’ on World Vegan Day back in November. It seemed that every vegan and non-vegan flocked down to The Stable to have some of their delicious sourdough pizza on the house, where the queue went round the block!
Nested on the main street in Whitechapel just a stone’s throw from Brick Lane, its rustic exposed brick dêcor with plenty of green plants makes it a league of its own from all the other pizza joints in London. 
I and my friend Bex went to check out the new spring menu on a sunny Friday afternoon. I love how most restaurants are now catering for vegans, as the demand is really growing and we are not backing down on our demands that all restaurants step up their game and provide us with some delicious cruelty-free options, which are worth blogging about.
Stable Executive Chef and co-founder Andy Briggs said: “Since we launched in 2009 we’ve developed a reputation for our West Country inspired menu using the best local produce, and our vast range of ciders. With the new menu we wanted to capture our forward-thinking spirit and the evolving tastes of our customers, while staying true to our authentic, rustic roots. All our sourdough pizza bases are still handmade from scratch, our tomato sauce still made fresh every day – these values are really important to us.”
And he is so right, not only do the taste are evolving but their vegan pizza menu didn’t disappoint either, it is so damn good. 
We ordered The Bute Island Blazer which comes with roast peppers, fresh red chilli, red onion, basil, filed mushrooms and Bute island vegan mozzarella cheese, I went for the Hazel Nutter with spinach, caramelised onions, field mushrooms, asparagus, with vegan cheese topped with toasted hazelnuts, a huge flower power salad and a tasting board of their famous ciders. 
I love things spicy, but I felt like the winning pizza out of those two for me was the Hazel Nutter hands down. It just tasted so different to any other pizza that I have ever tasted. Although it has the signature tomato base, the caramelised onions added a bit of sweetness to the gooey cheese and all the delicious greenery which it came with, and then you had the complimenting crunch of the hazelnuts which tied it all so nicely together, drool. 
Bute Island blazer is a popular pizza too, but I felt like it was a bit standard and safe. So it’s a definitely good choice if you like spicy and don’t like to try out new things and experiment. The combo is a winning combo nevertheless, Bex loved it!
We decided to have the salad to balance out all that pizza, but we don’t learn do we? We made this mistake before. The salad couldn’t really compete with the pizzas although it had a lot of amazing things going for it; butternut squash, rocket, roasted mixed seeds, raw grated beetroot, roasted red peppers and even the not so vegan sounding Lamb’s Tongue leaves (why put those in a vegan salad dish?) all coasted in a tahini and lemon dressing, but meh, I think we should have just gone all out and got the cheesy vegan garlic bread instead #cardthefuckup #yolo
The cider tasting board was only for the pics,we are both not cider girls but let me tell you, I enjoyed some of them more than I thought I would. I only drink when it tastes like juice and is fruity, and some of these ciders were exactly that! You can get so drunk as you feel like you are just drinking some peach flavoured iced tea (number six on the board), and then BOOM, you wouldn’t know what hit ya!
Dessert was a warm vegan brownie with raspberry sauce and a pot of redbush tea! I rate places who have an elaborate list of tea’s, not just the standard peppermint, Earl Grey and some chamomile. The brownie was chocolatey, and the raspberry sauce really complimented it well. Finger licking good ending to our very filling lunch.
When I went to powder my nose I saw just how massive the place is! There is an open plan kitchen when you can see the guys making the pizzas from scratch, as well as another big sit-down dining area and a bar where you can even get some hot beverages too! I could see this place hosting many epic events and gatherings, if only I lived down the road. Actually, if I did then my quest to be gluten-free would just be a myth…
All vegan pizza’s are £10.50, and you would be fully fed for that tenna. They actually do a Tuck in Tuesday deal night – with selected pizzas, side salad and a drink costing just £10, bargain.
Thanks to John for being such a lovely host, and to The Stable for feeding us.

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