Seven Unmissable Places to Visit in Miami. 

Recently, Miami has become an international, cultural cooking pot and the hub of Latin and North American art and gastronomy, with inspiration taken from all four corners of the world. You can find examples of this throughout the different suburbs of Miami, with their various cuisines and people.
Planning a trip to Miami? There are always great offers online for cheap flights to Miami, so be sure to keep an eye out! I bring you these seven hottest, most unmissable places in Miami, to make your journey over the big blue worthwhile. You can easily do one day at a time, as there is so much going on in each district. 

The Unmissable Wynwood Art District. 

Nowadays, the most photographed place in Miami, this used to be a ghetto, where you couldn’t walk around safely at night without carrying a gun. However, this neighbourhood is now where all the cool kids hang out. Artists have transformed the ghetto with street art on the walls and also the pavements. Trendy boutique retailers and eateries have also moved in to build the area up and it has become a very creative and trendy place – think Hackney in London. With its quirky art galleries, trendy juice bars, and the most Instagrammable eateries, it is the perfect destination for creative souls. You can spend all day there; eating finger-licking food, sipping cold-pressed juices or wandering around the streets, admiring the pavement art and taking endless pictures of the walls. 
Highly recommended is a visit to Wynwood Walls; a free, outdoor gallery of wall art painted by various graffiti artists. Ask the locals where the most popular wall paintings are found, and they will show you, as Americans are nice like that!

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 The Unmissable Little Havana. 

This is the heart of Latin culture in Miami and a fantastic place to people-watch, soak up the incredibly rich culture, and have some authentic Cuban food. There is bound to be a lot of live music in most restaurants, with dancing and Cuban men playing dominos –  it is truly another world of its own, laced with history, passionate Cubans and life. 

The Unmissable Lyncoln Road, South Beach. 

Situated near Ocean Drive, an area mainly full of restaurants, hotels and bars, Lyncoln Road is a pedestrianised street. It is filled with boutiques, as well as high street shops and designer stores. You can spend a whole day there, mooching around the shops and taking lots of iced coffee breaks. Lyncoln Road leads all the way down to the beach, and you will see a lot of tourists, as well as locals, having al fresco food and shopping around, before dropping their bags and going to the beach. 
Highly recommended is the Sushi place at the end of Lyncoln Road called Doraku.  

Unmissable Saturdays at Farmers’ Market in Coral Cables. 

This is a lovely neighbourhood in the outskirts and there is a very authentic local market every Saturday, run by a lovely couple who believe in providing the best local produce, and working together with local businesses to support the planet and the community. Mostly locals come here and there is a real sense of community when you arrive at the market. Here you’ll find people selling candles, pastries, arts & crafts, sustainable clothes, skincare and lots of yummy, healthy food – you must try the Vegan Sushi!

The Unmissable Key Biscayne Island. 

A short ride away from Downtown, it is a beautiful location for sunsets with the Miami skyline as a glorious backdrop. It is the perfect place to spend a day as, apart from a couple of families, the beach is quiet and dog-friendly. There is an Aqua Park nearby and the ocean is very still, so toddlers can play without their parents worrying about the rough waves often found at other beaches. Also, it is incredibly romantic at night, when the sun sets over the skyscrapers and there is hardly anyone around! Prosecco in the sunset anyone?

The Unmissable Hollywood Beach.

Located to the north of Miami, Hollywood Beach is lined with tall palm trees. This manicured, white beach is a lot less busy than South Beach. Here, you will find more local families, couples and older people hanging out, enjoying the hot balmy Miami days, if they are not at work, that is!
Tip: Rent a Harley bike and ride down to Hollywood Beach going past the affluent surrounding areas leading up to Fort Lauderdale.

The Unmissable South Beach. 

The South Beach area proudly shows off its 1920s Art Deco architecture, and is full of colourful hotels and houses that ooze individuality and character.  As well as being a party town, South Beach is where you can also rent city bikes, book adrenaline-packed water sports such as jet skiing and paragliding, and soak up the Miami vibe – complete with super fit women in their tiny bikinis – that everybody should experience when in town. 
Top: Come to the beach at sunrise, and enjoy a beach yoga class after soaking up the gorgeous view. 
As you can see, Miami is not short of things to do and experience. So, depending on your interests and how much time you have, there is something for everyone.  It also comes with a guarantee that you will want to come back year after year.
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