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The reason why, six years ago, I started making salads at my desk in the office was because of the lack of places where I could have the pleasure of a tasty meal but with no worries about the ingredients,”  says David Bez, founder of Salad Pride and author of numerous bestselling cook books such as SaladLove and BreakfastLove. 
His love for colourful, tasty yet simple meals that are gluten-free, refined sugar-free and vegan, led him to give up his successful career as a graphic designer for some of the biggest names in the game The Documentary Channel and open up his dream café in the heart of Covent Garden, and now also in Chelsea. 
After a successful year, serving gourmet salads and deliciously funky lattes to locals and tourists at the vibrant Neil’s Yard, David was inspired to expand and move into the residence of yummy-mummies and yoga fanatics; TriYoga in Chelsea. 
The menu has evolved since I last visited Salad Pride. Previously, they only created breakfast bowls and salads, but now they serve various ‘FEASTS’ and ‘SOUPS’ in addition to very tasty side orders, which you can have with a slice of chickpea omelette – a flatbread type thing made of out chickpea flour and is fully vegan, and of course they still offer their super lattes, smoothies and desserts. 
The winner for me has always been the avocado on toast with tomatoes and lentils (formerly black peas in this creation) decorated with micro greens and balsamic glaze: You can’t go wrong – unless you hate avocados! 
In the salad selection, I would recommend ‘The British’, as it is something a little different and has pickled radishes, which adds a nice little kick. ’The Classic’ is a best-seller, but I find it a little bit boring. 
I came to TriYoga at lunchtime when the yummy-mummies were breast-feeding their babies while enjoying a healthy lunch freshly prepared by David. As we’re in England, gloomy and miserable days are on the menu most of the time, and I craved some sunshine in a bowl and opted for the Greens Coconut Soup with the chickpea omelette, which I have never tried before! 
Green coconut soup is like a healthy raw soup. It is warmed up very lightly in a blender so that all of its nutrients remain intact. David first put all the ‘bits’ ingredients of the soup; fresh kale, spring onions, green peas, toasted seeds and micro greens, into a bowl and then poured the light turmeric coconut curry broth over it.  It is not as comforting as maybe a ‘Saturday’ soup with yam and dumplings would be, but it was very fresh on the palate, although laced with the spring onions – something I would opt out of next time. 
The chickpea omelette was a cross between bread and an omelette, lightly toasted for warmth and scrumptiousness. The only problem was that one wasn’t enough! It is quite a nice addition to the soup, and I would recommend getting that, and maybe with some vegan cheese on the side.
It is not a meal without a dessert, and the gluten-free banana bread looked quite appealing paired with a rose and raspberry latte. David made the rose latte with a huge amount of love, as always, and it tasted sweet and frothy without any sweetener used! The banana bread could have been more moist, or come with some kind of custard on it, but I guess old habits die hard! 
I highly recommend the raw desserts that they sell in Salad Pride. These are not all made on-site, but the cheesecakes are to die for. All desserts are refined-sugar-free and gluten-free so you can be sure of guilt-free indulgences!
If you are ever around Covent Garden or Chelsea, be sure to pop in for a Matcha Latte and your salad fix, as not only are all the dishes Instagrammable, they are delicious and very good for you!
Bowls starts from £6-£12 and David serves superfood smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and superfood lattes! Enough choice to satisfy anybody’s taste buds!
Reviewed:  May 2017 / Please be aware that although I didn’t pay for this meal, this is my honest experience.

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