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Tucked away from the venomous polluted streets of busy central Pattaya, there is an oasis behind the tall wooden doors of the Rasayana Retreat. Rasayana Retreat is a gorgeous sanctuary where holiday makers and celebrities come to reset their buttons, nourish their body whilst rejuvenating and recharging their mind, body and spirit. 

Unlike other retreats I have experienced, this one is more like a spa, therefore, you don’t actually stay at the Rasayana Retreat itself, however they have a hotel on site which they have teamed up with, or alternatively you can just visit for the day, this means it can be a lot less full on and immersed. Then if you are already booked into accommodation elsewhere you can still enjoy the other things to do around it as well.

They offer full body detox programmes from 3 days to 8 day cleanses, which are mostly based around juice cleansing and getting rid of toxins in your body. The spa also has an endless list of treatments such as Traditional Thai Massage, lymphatic drainage massage, foot massages and infrared sauna therapy, as well as an Abdominal Pulse Massage ‘Chi Nei Tsang Massage’ and many more. 

I was keen to finish off my two weeks in Thailand with a 3 day juice fast, as although I have done many other detox and cleanses before, I have never done a juice cleanse! After fasting the night before, I went in early in the morning where the lovely Pootie welcomed me with a graceful bow and gave me some medical questionnaires to fill out. Knowing that I was coming in that morning for a juice cleanse, Pootie explained that for the next 3 days I will be only consuming juices, which are made fresh daily and on site, and some homemade almond milk. Alongside the juices, it is part of the programme to also get daily infred saunas, followed by a lymphatic drainage massage and then a colonic hydrotherapy. 

My experience

I came to Rasayana Retreat wanting to flush my eating sins away, as during my two weeks I felt I had been eating my way through Thailand. After eating things I shouldn’t really eat it had resulted in me putting on more weight, feeling pretty bloated, and groggy every morning that I woke up. I had also had a pesky rash on my face, which had been bothering me for some weeks now. 

After having a brief shower, I got into my 30 minute infrared sauna therapy. I have always heard from many of my friends how effective and beneficial these saunas are, but have never experienced it myself. Just 30 minutes a day can significantly allow your body to get rid of heavy metals like mercury, and lead, as well as environmental chemicals which we pick up on a daily basis. It is also known to relax the nervous system, assist you in losing weight, with up to an impressive 600 calories shredded in a 30 minute session, relieve unwanted pain and increase your circulation. 

I felt super sweaty, but really amazing after my first session where the lovely therapist Pum brought me a fresh coconut to drink, which would help hydrate me.  After another brief shower, Pum led me to a relaxation room where I had the most incredible 60 minute lymphatic drainage massage. The perfect pressure really makes a difference. I didn’t experience any pain unlike some of the Thai and shoulder massages I received elsewhere in Thailand. This is to ensure the body is promoted to release more toxins and help eliminate those through the colonic hydrotherapy, which was up next.  

Colonic hydrotherapy is something that I believe everyone should do once is a while, if not a couple of times a year, especially if you consume animal products, such as meat and dairy, and if you eat lots of gluten, such as breads and pasta. This therapy improves digestion especially if you are constipated.

It also helps with energy and concentration, jump starts weight loss and supports overall colon health whilst encouraging a whole body detox.  I have had them done in London a few times, but this one was bit different. The process is that you have lots of water going in your back passage to get all the blockages, undigested food and crap out of your colon. But usually the water stops, and you release. This time I had to push and release, whilst I still had tube up me which was uncomfortable at first but when I got the hang of it, it was better. Poope’ my therapist, no pun intended, also added some coffee and apple cider vinegar to the water to amplify the cleansing of the liver, and then some red clove extract as well as oxygen. The colonic hydrotherapy makes you feel very clean and flushed out after, as just imagine years of build up being released, it can make you feel very relived and a little light-headed. 

After receiving all those wonderful treatments on my first day I was given a warming ginger tea and a rejuvelac, which is a probiotic, made on site, to repopulate your gut with good bacteria after the colonic, which is very important. 

I started to experience hunger at the end of second day, although I very much enjoyed drinking my juices, the almond milk always felt like a treat as it was more filling, and so nourishing. I made sure I spent most of my time inside my hotel room, resting and napping when I felt hungry or tired.

At the end of day three I started to think about what I was going to eat after my fast. Having experienced fasts before, I know how important it is to break your fast with something nourishing, and not too heavy due to your slowed down digestion. 

I broke my fast with some avocado and lime, and I consumed warming soups, salads and fruits for the next 3 days, I kept away from grains, wheat, refined sugar and alcohol, as those are the foods which aggravate me. 


I only experienced one headache, either due to the detoxing or my body craving sugar, however, this passed quickly. I generally didn’t struggle too much, and was treating myself to early nights. I woke up naturally feeling refreshed without the need for an alarm, bliss! My previous grogginess had evaporated, and my bloating had also subsided, and I did feel a lot lighter and the benefits of giving your digestion a little breather. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the facilities to weigh myself before and after, although I did find myself feeling a lot more toned after the cleanse, and my rash cleared up after a week. 

Poope’, Taew and Aum were really friendly, professional and are very knowledgeable in what they do. I want to thank you for looking after me so tenderly and for assisting me in my 3 day detox. 

It was the perfect way to end my holiday, and I would highly recommend to anybody who is looking to detox, refresh their bodies and minds, or kick start their weight-loss to check out Rasayana retreat and their detox programmes. They also have a branch in Bangkok. 

Would you ever do a juice cleanse like this? Tell me in the comments..

Detox yourself: 

Rasayana Pattaya – 179/201 Moo.5 North Pattaya.Rd. pattaya@rasayanaretreat.com

Rasayana Bangkok – 57 Soi Prom-mitr , Sukhumvit 39. info@rasayanaretreat.com


Please be aware that this was a collaboration between myself and Rasayana Retreat, where the experience which I had received was to compensate for my honest, and thorough review to share with you!

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