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I went down to Mildred’s to try their Sri Lankan Curry. I make Sri Lankan curry myself so I knew I would be hard to please, especially as it’s not actually a Sri Lankan restaurant… or my Sri Lankan friend’s house!

Mildred’s is a vegetarian restaurant in Soho but has many gluten-free and vegan options which give me no reason to cheat, not that I cheat often… or do I?

The restaurant itself has a soft fresh colour palette of greens, whites and beige, is quite modern with simple furniture as well as having patriotic art on the walls, a little different to the typical vegetarian/vegan places which are in many cases quite rustic and hippyesque!

I got down there in the afternoon around 3.30ish and there were just a few people having some late lunch with lots of laughter and chatter adding to the relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere.

As I was looking through the menu I was beating myself up for having an orange hot chocolate before I came, as I was not really that hungry anymore and there were so many things I wanted to try! But I didn’t come all the way down to central to not try as much as I could fit in, so without hesitation, I ordered the Sri Lankan curry and beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger juice – one of my current obsessions.

Whilst waiting for my food to arrive I chatted briefly with the waitress about cold-pressed juices and how getting a NutriBullet changes your life; however they are not cold-pressed. My food arrived before I even got to check all of my social media which is handy when you are dining by yourself!

It came in a hearty bowl full of yellow basmati rice with peas, surrounded by the creamy Sri Lankan sweet potato curry with cashew nuts and was accompanied by coconut tomato sambal, with some fresh coriander stalls. It smelt delicious, the warm spices making it so fragrant with the cardamom being quite dominant in particular.


This is the perfect dish for you to warm up with, having the warming ginger and the medium spice chillies that add the lingering spice to the super creamy coconut base curry. I particularly enjoyed having the curry and the rice with a big dollop of tomato sambal, which added a bit more flavour to the creamy curry and giving it a bit of a kick, having a tomato base. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was pleased to find out the fact that it was just as nice looking in real life as it was in the pictures; it wasn’t just the filters or the angles.

Next up I went for the daily special dessert, which had to be the chocolate truffle fondue with cherry compote and vanilla ice cream! To this day, nobody can match the chocolate fondue  they serve with pistachio ice cream at Meat & Wine in Shepherds Bush- but this one was gluten free and vegan!

It was warm but not gooey in the middle, as I like it, maybe that was down to the fact that it was a healthier version of my all time favourite dessert or maybe it was the fact that it was a truffle fondue. I enjoyed the cherry compote more than the chocolate fondue, unfortunately, but that could have been down to the fact that I had that bloody hot chocolate before coming and I was already in a chocolate coma, schoolboy error really!

Dessert Update:

Desserts never get enough credit as I am usually too stuffed to have one or too stuffed to really appreciate one, this is why I do believe that you should have dessert first. As it was peak 5 pm dinner time at Mildred’s, I squeezed myself into a little square table between people on dates and friends catching up, I took shameless selfies whilst I waited for my vegan and gluten-free chocolate peanut butter brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce to arrive.

Whilst sipping on my fresh mint tea I couldn’t help but notice just how popular Mildred’s is; buzzing with people and conversation. it wasn’t even 6 o’clock and there were people already waiting for their turn to be seated whilst the staff, not really letting the chaos of peak time get to them,  still provided friendly customer service with a smile on their face, which I don’t take lightly.

My brownie came in a nice white bowl, looking like a big slice of chocolate heaven. First spoonful of still warm, fluffy brownie with a generous amount of dripping chocolate sauce over it scooped up and dipped into the contrasting vanilla ice cream… Melted in my mouth. I was so glad that I wasn’t full from dinner and could still taste every note in that first spoonful. The rich peanut butter was one of the first tastes you taste along with the rich, dark lingering chocolate, the sponge being so soft and fluffy it almost felt like this must be a naughty brownie. I make some mean brownies myself, just ask my ex, but this brownie could possibly out do mine.

It is never a proper brownie unless it is warm and it is served with cool, vanilla ice cream and was downed with a refreshing beverage such as fresh mint tea. Fresh mint tea was a great choice because the brownie was so luxurious, rich and full of ump that anything else either full of flavour or sugar would just be too much. I really enjoyed knowing that a gluten free, vegan brownie can taste so damn good and can fully pass as being a normal brownie but also the accents of peanut butter it in made it stand out and not only was I slowly having death by chocolate but I was also getting my protein at the same time, which surely can’t be a bad thing?

Vegan, gluten free peanut butter brownies every day before meals from now on it is!

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