L8 Boutique Apartments – Bologna

Bologna must be one of the most underrated cities in Italy. Tourists tend to overlook this city and focus more on the typical touristy areas of Italy.

I am a massive fan of Italy. I swear, I was Italian in my past life as I have a deep connection to the culture, food and language. Italy is undeniably an incredible country to visit and food for ones soul.

I always see cheap Ryanair flights, so what a better time to visit then when there is a European sale on flights to Bologna for £12.99 one way?

Lately, I have been enjoying staying in apartments and unique boutique hotels over the typical big chain hotels. I find that the apartments feel less formal and more private, more like a home away from home. 

Apartment owners Federica and Francesca were very welcoming and kind. Although they do not offer breakfast, they provided us with cold traditional Italian snacks and drinks for our enjoyment.

L8 Boutique is within short walking distance to the main train station, which is important for me when I travel in Italy. I like to go on daily trips to nearby cities. Florence for example is just an hour away on the train from Bologna, which is where we went for a day trip!

Our room 208 had high ceilings, an opened plan kitchen, a gorgeous white tile bathroom and a big enough room for the two of us. Each apartment is designed uniquely, with a theme and different colour palettes and special features. I really loved the nomad vibe that ours had with lots of old fashioned suitcases, with old china stuck on the walls like at my grandmothers.

My friend Nyla and I used all of our time exploring the wobbly streets of Bologna, attending all the must-visit places including the Twin towers. We ate from all of the cute bakeries, and drank more ginseng coffee than we would like to admit!

I found the views from the Tower of Asinell spectacular! If you can walk up 800 steps, you should certainly go view the world from up above, and take some cool eagle eye pictures of the city while you are at it.

L8 Boutique is not the western version of luxury. Italian luxury is very different in a sense that they prefer more old, vintage decor which holds a lot of history, unlike luxury in the Middle East for example. The bed and the high-ceilings were classically beautiful, and I loved the modern bricked shower, the whole apartment was very clean.

My only disappointment was that they have stone tile floors and no guest slippers, which wasn’t the best thing for me as I was sick and had to walk around in my boots, as I left my slippers at home!

L8 Boutique apartments are a great choice for independent travellers who don’t need to be welcomed everytime they come in, and enjoy some privacy and intimacy whilst they travel. 

To stay here, please visit their website https://bit.ly/2FPRCPQ

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