Jet Ski Safari in Koh Samui

On Saturday morning, the sun was blazing and we decided over breakfast that it was the perfect day for a jet ski safari. In less than an hour, we were on Lamai beach, and I was buzzing at the sight of our jet skis bobbing on the ocean that calmly awaited us.


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Jet Ski Safari – Lamai Beach 


We were shortly introduced to our guides and another couple that would be joining us. Whilst the other couple romantically got on board one jet ski, her arms around his waist, madam over here picked the jet ski I wanted and explained that I would be riding alone. As much as I love my beau, this adrenaline junkie would NOT be riding behind anybody! It was explained to us that the plan was to visit the five islands around Koh Samui in three hours, including a picnic stop for lunch. Once I got my life jacket on (completely cramping my style of course), I was given the signal to go ahead and off I went… speeding into the open sea!

As soon as I pulled the throttle, adrenaline filled every inch of my body. Building up speed and gliding through the water felt just like a hot sharp knife through butter. As I gained confidence and a sense of control, I began to show off with sharp turns and standing up – starting somewhat of a competition with my equally daring partner in crime! The adventurers in us decided to attach the GoPro to one of the jet skis in an attempt to capture some footage of us; however, minutes later it came off the stand and went straight into the sea – what a nightmare! The whole group turned back to look for our tiny camera in the middle of the ocean, with me panicking at the thought of losing all of our wonderful pictures and videos that we have taken. And just as I began to hyperventilate, up popped our prized possession with a little orange lifejacket on! This nifty little camera had saved itself, and me from passing out!


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Most of the islands we eventually got around to were uninhabited, but one of them was home to a small tribe. We saw that they lived in fantastic shack-structures built on rocks from sticks and other materials the ocean brought their way. They recycled and made use of everything they could, creating an eco-friendly hub of safety and sustainability. As we approached the island on our jet skis, this community of people stood staring at us from the beach. I felt like I was filming for Human Planet looking at indigenous tribe from afar.

The rest of the day took us to a coral reef, where we were given snorkels and masks. It felt so freeing to just jump off of my jet ski into the sea and marvel at all of the wonderful creations below the surface. The guides handed me some bread to feed to some tropical fish, as I immersed my food-filled hand under the water the fish rocketed towards me. They began to pinch the bread out of my hand (also pinching the tips of my fingers!), and it was fascinating to see that their hunger overcame any sense of fear at all.




I took some time to swim away from everybody. This is hugely unlike me, as I usually like to hold somebody’s hand whilst snorkeling (yes I still have that child-like fear of a big crazy wild sea cucumber coming to eat me!). However, it was lovely to have the feeling of being out in the vast water on my own, getting lost in discovering a new world, listening to the silence of the ocean. Nevertheless, on my way back to my jet ski, I cut myself on the coral – quickly breaking my Zen and bringing on the loud thought of “HERE COME THE SHARKS” (along with the Jaws theme tune pounding in my ears!). I swam as quickly back to the safety of my jet ski as my body would carry me, breathing a tired sigh of relief as I made it on with all limbs intact! I then rejoined the group for our journey to the final island. Here we had a delicious picnic and a last chance to admire the sheer beauty of island nature before heading back.




So after 3 hours on the open ocean, blasting a jet ski at up to 70mph, and riding it to our hearts content – we were BURNT! It only hit us once we had reached dry land and the adrenaline had worn off, but we were so burnt! Our calves, feet, arms, and even bums were absolutely s i z z l e d. Common sense clearly had not been so common that morning when we left, even though we knew we were going to be out at sea for 3 hours in peak sun and that WOULD burn us. We only managed to apply sun protection to our faces and stomachs – stomachs which were covered with life vests THE ENTIRE TIME -_- So we licked our wounds, moaning and groaning our way back to the hotel, yet still managed a ‘that was EPIC!’ side smirk.

Poppies restaurant on Saturday


For dinner, we had arranged to go out with some friends from the UK, Tyrone and Sophie, who were coincidently holidaying in Koh Samui at the same time. Tyrone is a college friend of mine, and despite living only 20 minutes away, I had not seen them in over a year. Nevertheless, here we were meeting halfway across the globe for some dinner and a boogie! We went to Poppies Restaurant, which was having their regular traditional Thai night, involving Thai dance and live music – which I thought to be a perfect set-up for our Saturday night. We had some fantastically delicious dishes from the recommended set menus along with some cocktails to celebrate our reunion.





After dinner, we went to the Reggae Reggae Bar by the lake, which is at the very centre of Chaweng. They had a very strange act on stage made up of Thai women and men in traditional ‘Rastafarian’ outfits, fake dreadlocks, covering a number of Bob Marley classics (very badly) in strong Thai accents! Needless to say, it was a great laugh, but we had a round of rum punches and soon left to find a better bar as this one was not quite cutting it. The next stop was a place called Happy Bar. Here we had another round of drinks and partook in some people-watching! It was great fun to experience the dynamics of a typical Saturday night in Koh Samui, although there were LOTS of seemingly quite desperate European men who were definitely holidaying in Thailand for one reason and one reason only! During an escape to the bathroom, Sophie and I heard just our kind of music on the other side of the wall – so we grabbed our men and went to see where the party at!

Hush Bar was filled with a crowd of much younger people, and people who were so far gone that their dance moves resembled seizure-like activity, but they were playing old school R’n’B and hip hop and the vibe was liiiiive, as we say!! Here we ordered a bucket of Mai Tai and danced the whole night away…

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She was beautiful, but she was beautiful the way a forest fire was beautiful..

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  • Steve
    May 27, 2014

    Lemme take a Jetski selfie! Best selfie of the trip definitely. So glad you didn’t loose that camera, that would have been a nightmare.

  • worldwithinher
    June 2, 2014

    It was a huge relief Steve that we didn’t, I wouldn’t of been able to take that selfie otherwise!!

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