The Best Facial In The World?

I am a sceptic when it comes to facials.


Hydrafacial claims to be the new best friend – after yoga pants – but for a girl’s face. Click To Tweet It is non-invasive with zero downtime and all products used are vegan. Also, as stated on their website, it helps with fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness, skin tone evenness, so it’s great for people with oily, congested skin and enlarged pores. Yes please!
I have super sensitive, combination skin. I am that gal who wakes up with a greasy nose in the mornings, yet has dry cheeks, reacts to creams, and I’ve had problems with blackheads for as long as I can remember! Ugh. 
One of my biggest concerns  when getting a facial is to deep clean it, and preserve it, as I am not getting younger, and getting closer and closer to that three-owww! I want my skin to not be congested,  maintain my 12-year-old looks, whilst keeping it nourished, so it is smooth and my contour and highlighter can be on fleek! Not too much to ask is it?
I had my Hydrafacial at Debbie Thomas skin clinic in Chelsea. I discovered that Debbie is vegan herself, and only uses vegan products in her prestige clinic. I always love to support entrepreneurial women – like me – who promote a cruelty-free lifestyle!

How it works..

Hydrafacial usually has five stages. The multi-step vortex technology system cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and then pumps super-serums filled with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid into your opened pores to boost hydration, help address the signs of ageing and protect your skin from environmental damages, leaving it plumped, renewed, and rejuvenated.
Zuly, my lovely skin goddess, was very knowledgeable as she is a senior therapist at the clinic, where they tailor the facials to the client’s needs.  Going into the treatment, my skin was pretty soft and smooth, but I had deep blackheads on my T-zone, lost elasticity and some small breakouts on my chin. She said my DNA 2 treatment was like a carpet clean! I loved the analogy she used about youthfulness. She said;
Imagine your skin is a savings account. After 25, you have to start spending money from that account, and unless you top it up, it keeps deflating.
This is when these boosters come into play. Zuly, put some money in my account please doll! 

My experience..


The first stage was to cleanse of my skin, as I wasn’t wearing any make-up aso it was a quick process. 
The second stage was a skin peel with a serum, which is used to nibble away dead skin cells and loosen blackheads and comedones, which was a pleasant slight tingling and cooling feeling.
The third stage was hydra-dermabrasion, which is a much gentler and more pleasant procedure than its micro-dermabrasion sister. This was the stage I needed the most. This stage sucks up all the impurities and blackheads from pores, with a painless vortex-suction-hoover-nozzle-type-thing and an active serum that helps to deep-clean the pores. As I have deeply embedded blackheads, Zuly said that this process helped to clear most of them, but for the deeper ones, she would need to do some manual extractions. These were not as painful as I had before, due to the stages she has done before them and they were loosened up!
The fourth stage, Zuly did the lymphatic drainage with a different nozzle to draw toxins in my face towards the lymphatic nodes and thoroughly detox my skin. This felt very relaxing after the manual extractions!
The fifth stage was the red laser light to calm the skin, stimulate collagens and assist cell renewal process. 
The final stage was the blue laser light, which killed off any bacteria in my breakout area on my chin and assisted the drying out of remaining spots. 
After these pleasant laser treatments, Zuly applied Medik 8 vitamin C serum, and a generous amount of Hellio SPF 50 on my face as it was a hot day. As my skin was freshly cleansed and rejuvenated it was a good idea to protect it from the harmful rays and pollution.


Immediately after the treatment, my skin was not red or irritated at all! Result! It was even more smooth and soft. All the blackheads on my forehead, chin and cheeks were gone, and the breakouts on my chin were less visible and red. There were fewer blackheads on my nose and they had definitely shifted. However, some of the deeper ones were still there, and I will need a few more sessions. After a few weeks, those bastards blackheads return, as the pores clog up in this oily area. My whole face felt tingly, in a good way, like it is alive and kicking! Must have of been the stimulated collagen doing its thing!
After the treatment, I actually went on a mini-date still wearing nothing but a bit of lipstick and mascara. The next day, I didn’t feel the need to wear make-up either. It wasn’t until a birthday party two days after that I wore make-up and it painted on beautifully; my make-up was definitely on fleek, thanks to the beautiful canvas! I have been maintaining my facial by drinking plenty of green juices, using the sample serums Zuly gave me, and at night, I also been using the new vegan Body Shop Amazonian Acai Vitamin C mask, to keep my skin nourished. My skin is still radiant and clear, even after over a week, although some of the nose blackheads are back. 
Personally, I am very happy with the facial. I think it has been the most effective and lasting one yet!
As this facial starts from £95, it is not as affordable as other facials on the market, but it is also much more effective than the cheaper ones. It is great for people with skin problems such as acne, clogged pores, and makes a fabulous treat for yourself for a special occasion! If any of you babes been wanting to do a facial, but just don’t know which one to go for, I would definitely recommend this one . I would get them done every month like Annie, if I had that kind of money! .. That actually rhymes! Zuly, Debbie and the girls are very helpful, so you can contact them to discuss your needs and inquire about the Hydrafacial if you wish!


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