Loving Yourself in 21st Century.

Self-love is the first step to any truly selfless act in this world.

Compassion is a powerful source of change, and the only compassionate act you can make must begin with Self-love first. Any healing change you want to bring to this world starts with you achieving that change within yourself. Self-love is an act of power that absorbs and heals this world from any illusion of pain, separation and suffering because that is exactly what self-love does for you, it makes us whole, exactly as we are, and exactly as we are not. 

I have been on an ongoing journey of loving myself deeper, so by no means I am the master in Self-love. However, these are some great gems which I have picked up on along my journey which have deepened the love I have for myself, and how I see myself in this society where we are constantly made to feel like we are not good enough, whole enough, pretty enough or thin enough. 

I know it’s an expression which is widely used these days, but really it is the key to raw happiness and fulfilment. When you love yourself and accept yourself exactly as you are, you are not so easily affected by what people say, do, or how they see you, or what they say about you to others. 



Feeding yourself nourishing, nutritious, vibrant foods is a direct message to yourself that you do care, and that your body is your temple. At the end of the day, we only have one body, so might as well make it work for us, and not against us. 

Now that I have a balanced vegan diet and have taught myself to love fresh, vibrant food, I crave it when I travel to countries who don’t have an abundance of superfoods, fresh veggies and fruits. I tend to start my days making sure that the first thing I eat, is something from the earth like some fresh fruit, or a freshly squeezed veggie juice. I am addicted to grapefruits at the moment, they are so good for you and I find them very refreshing first thing in the morning when you are dehydrated. 

My recommendation: Go plant-based and see what it does to your energy levels, skin, weight, spiritual growth and quality toilet time. 



Part of my daily routine now is to create good habits, and one of them is making sure I take my supplements every day, and I find out what are the supplements that I need.  Along with my balanced plant-based diet, I do take additional ‘boosters’ to make me perform at my best. I am a very active individual, I go to the gym, I need my brain to be working properly when I am writing and I like feeling alive and vital. Living in the UK we all lack a few things, some of them being Vitamin D, B12 as without them we may feel more lethargic, have a slow recovery and most of us don’t go for number 2, a number of times which you are meant to. 

As we are in Spring your body needs certain support transitioning to each season, especially if you don’t follow the seasonal diet of organic wholesome foods, so I am taking my HelloDay Spring supplements which aid in detoxing my digestion, after all that winter comfort eating, circulation, libido – it is coming up to summer 😉 as well as vitality. 

I also take daily maca powder in my smoothies for its endless superpowers that it has, such as treats chronic fatigue syndrome, enhance sexual desire, the immune system, memory, fertility, athletic performance and stamina. Women use maca to treat symptoms of menopause, female hormone imbalance and menstrual issues. 

Along with ashwagandha powder which has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat adrenal stress, anxiety, inflammation, skin disease and it helps to promote the production of white blood cells and thus useful in fighting infection. I actually got rid of my belly bug in a day by having a potent mixture of ashwagandha powder, maca powder, burdock root drops with some diatomaceous earth (food grade) as it is known to help remove intestinal invaders and other harmful organisms from the digestive tract. It works as an internal cleanser. I woke up the next morning feeling brand new and had no sickness and my appetite was back. Please bare in mind that I am not a doctor, but I do know what works for me as I listen to my body. I am simply sharing you my practices which have worked for me now for some years. 

My recommendation: Look into seasonal supplements like HelloDay who also have a very clever app which tells you everything you need to know about your state. 



Sleep is so important. I see me honouring my sleep is a way of loving myself and respecting the fact that I need to rest, and my phone even tells me ‘Time For Bed’ at a time that I set my ‘bedtime’ to be.  Your body needs rest especially if you work out a lot, it is crucial for your kidneys and liver to detox and replenish during sleep, otherwise, you are running on adrenal energy. Last summer I didn’t sleep well as I had back pains and used to wake up stiff, so I changed my mattress and bedding and now sleep like a baby, and never want to sleep anywhere else. 

My recommendation: Get a good quality memory foam mattress and pillow like EveSleep. It is quite firm and is specially designed for your body to be aligned and fully rest whilst you sleep. 



Although I am an extroverted introvert, I really like being in my own company and quietening my mind, spending time in nature, as it sometimes can get exhausting being around so many people and so many energies. I found that putting a handful of salt in a bucket with water to soak my feet to a meditation, not only clears the energies around me but clears my dreams too. Anytime I have a weird dream I know it is time to do a foot soak. I search for a 15-20 minute guided meditation on a chosen subject and listen to that whilst soaking my feet. Works wonders I tell ya!

My recommendation: Self-love meditation, Abundance Meditation, Heart Meditation, Chakra Alighnment Meditation



This is one of these things which go unnoticed, if you are like me, you are very harsh on yourself. This ‘shitty committee’ inside your head is really unproductive unless we ask ‘it’ to tell us what it is trying to say by criticising us, otherwise, acknowledge the fact that those thoughts are coming from love either way and think something more supporting. I try to talk to myself as I would do to my future daughter. I have a sticker on my mirror saying ‘What can I do for you today?’ and that is the question that I ask myself every day. It is amazing how your relationship with yourself will transform when you start putting yourself first and honouring your own wishes. 

My recommendation: Always remember that you are lovable, unique and perfectly whole – the good, the bad and the ugly is all you, and that’s what makes you whole. 

If you knew just how beautiful you are, you would fall at your own two feet. 

I hope you enjoyed this article, and please do share it if you did, as this could be something that somebody just might need to hear today. 

Lots of love, 


Marsha x

2 Responses
  • Guy Sohm
    November 30, 2017

    Thanks Marsha, what a loving and wise post! I totally agree with your thoughts, love and compassion are such a special gift for yourself and others.
    I believe self love is a key to wellbeing and good health, creating I’ve found, a feeling of deep peace and connection. A practice that helps me is starting and finishing the day with heart meditation (Smile and relax with your hand on your heart) doing this for 30  mins to an hour. Which brings on feelings of happiness and ab abundance of love!! YummO!
      For dreaming Mugwort is a great herb with different healings properties.
    Was a pleasure to meet you Marsha, thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights!! Its inspiring and exciting…

    Blessings Guy Sohm

  • Elena
    April 7, 2018

    Very honest and inspiring blog, Marsha, thank you.
    Self love discovery is never ending adventure- it goes deeper and wider in all levels and you are right-it is the key to our relationship with ourselves and the world around.
    I like your tips and simplicity of making small yet significant changes into daily routine. Thanks again.
    Looking forward to your next blog x

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