Building Grace Village, Uganda.

EIGHT MONTHS – FIVE ATTEMPTS – 12,000 feet – mid-air heart-attacks – rain – puke..

When you are doing something that is bigger than yourself, you have to do it regardless the fears!

After meeting Dave at a self-development event and finding out what a difference he makes in the world, I wanted to be a part of it. 

I love supporting small charities, where 100% of the profits go towards the cause, and Grace Village was exactly that. 

I decided to do a 24 hour silence, and a skydive at 12,000 feet (not all at once), to raise money to help build a school for a self-sustainable, independent village deep in Uganda’s countryside, called Grace Village.


I got together a bunch of people who I was going to do it with, who agreed to do it with me and we raised over £3000 collectively which helped massively!

The silence was hard as I still went on with my normal Sunday activities, whilst having a ‘mute’ sticker on me! Silence is bliss, but I did notice I like to make a lot of noises, whilst friends being friends tried hard to make me speak and laugh.

The sky-dive was challenging. We tried five times before we succeeded. Some days the weather was too rough, with rain and clouds. On the occasion before we finally made it there was a real emergency. An older experienced diver had a heart attack, seconds before he was about to jump out himself.  If THAT won’t put you off doing it when you were already thinking it a bad idea, I don’t know what would!  But as we had already raised all this money, we did it anyway through tears, puke (Andrew!), laughter and team-work.



Life is about doing incredible things, with incredible people for reasons that are bigger than yourself, wouldn’t you agree?

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