The Four Seasons – Koh Samui

As we drive up a long, curvy, steep road our eyes are filled with excitement and we have the biggest grins.

As we arrive at the reception of The Four Seasons resort, we are greeted by 2 well groomed and well-spoken gentleman who is eager to take our bags to the point that we don’t even touch them.

As we walk into the high ceiling, round, no walls but pure 360 degrees of the breathtaking scenery of a reception we are welcomed by the Manager and asked to sit down. Shortly after we have given our passports we are only called by our names and been given cold towels, a welcome drink which was a burst of flavour (lychee, dragon fruit and honey cocktail) and a welcome garland made from jasmine flowers has been gracefully placed in my hands, the garlands are used as a sign of respect and in this case as a warm welcome as well. After they have taken a picture of us on their iPad which will be emailed to us later we were buggied to our villa.


The resort is situated on a tip of the island and has huge grounds, which is mainly a tropical jungle and the villas are situated in the midst of it all. They have 850 coconut trees and they have a policy not to chop them and reserve the forest just the way it is. The villas go up a mountain and overlook the ocean and the private beach.

As we arrive at our villa, we were speechless.

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Outside we had our salt water, infinity pool overlooking the ocean and the jungle with 2 sun lounges and a massive memory foam bed with loads of cushions. The terrace and the pool were secluded and private, let the naked sunbathing commence.

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As I open the french window doors, right ahead of me was our king size bed, so high you would think it is Princess and the peas bed. Decorated with pretty cushions and mosquito nets, it was made for Royalty (read: me)

On the side, we had a complimentary breakfast which was a couple pastry’s and some orange juice, a fruit platter with all my favourite tropical fruits and a surprise cake! There was also a card addressed to us personally welcoming us and wishing us a pleasant stay from the General Manager which was a lovely personalised touch which made us feel valued.

As you walk down to the next room, there was a spacious bathroom with 2 separate sinks and separate on each side of the room with all types of toiletries and things you may need, such as sun lotion, aftersun, natural repellent and even Listerine mouthwash! You wouldn’t need to take anything but yourself and your clothes to this resort as everything else is thoughtfully provided.

Next room was our rain shower, opened toilet and a huge stone bath overlooking the pool and the ocean, wow if my jaw could drop any further it would have done.


For the rest of the day, we made use of the villa and spend the day lounging and swimming until it was time for us to get ready to go to the cocktail party we have been invited to by the General Manager.


At the party, there were a few residents and a few guests enjoying the unless flow of posh little canapes and bottomless alcoholic beverages from all kinds of years and countries. We mingled and viewed the residency villas to plan for the future, as yes I would like to have a holiday home there, kind of you to ask. But we were pretty hungry and expressed our interest in dining in one of the 2 restaurants which they have at the resort, although we had the Tree Tops booked for that night, but neither one of us wanted to leave this little cocoon of paradise.


A buggy was already waiting to take us up to their Authentic Thai restaurant which is located right at the top with eagle breathtaking views.

The host already expected us at the restaurant and greeted us by our names, and escorted us to the best table at the restaurant. We were amazed of how people knew who we were and made us feel so special and like we were the only people who were staying at the resort.

Our table was an intimate round table which was the closest to the edge of this no windows and opened space, mountain high restaurant. By our feet we only 3 feet wide ornamental pool and then the wild jungle, and all we could see in the distance was a storm with dramatic lightening.

We got a wine guru to choose our wine to compliment our food, both ended up being red and overall the food and service were impeccable.

We never had to walk anywhere as buggies and smiling pleasant chaps were always there waiting to drop us off and any destination, may I add that again all of them knew our names and the villa number we were staying, it was like having a chauffeur.

Back at the villa whilst we have been out we had the housekeepers come round and tidy up all the mess we left around the pool, replaced our used towels and placed towels by the sinks, shower and bed preparing us for bed. Not only that, we had some coconut bed time cakes left out for us and bottles of water by our bedsides as well as a message to say that there will be morning meditation by the beach if we are interested in attending. I was blown away yet again by these details and how thoughtful they are, to me, that means the world. We chilled on the huge outside bed, star gazing and watching the dramatic storm happening in the distance to the sounds of cicadas, geckos and birds before retiring to our fluffy, cloud-like bed.

In the morning, I got up early to go to the meditation, as much as I never wanted to leave that bed it was the yummiest bed I have ever slept in. But somebody enjoyed a longer lay in.


Morning meditation just had 3 other people, me and our meditation teacher. He explained to us what meditation is and why it is important that people do it. The setting was the perfect to let go of all your 6 senses and just be with yourself and your breathing, but even in the perfect setting, it was hard for me not to run away with my thoughts. Practice is key.

Breakfast was special. I ordered caramelized french toast with coconut milk and cinnamon as well as an omelette with veggies and a side salad. Their a la carte menu was full of deliciousness such as caramelized soft croissant with pandan, mascarpone cream and mango carpaccio – this is how you should start every morning, morning meditation on the beach followed by an orgasmic breakfast, what a life that would be.

Packing was the hardest this trip, we both tried to figure out ways of how we could hide there and stay forever as this has truly been out of this world.

The Management all were there when we checked out and gave us some farewell coconut toffees, loaded us onto a taxi and off we went to the Island of turtles. Koh Tao.

. Collect moments. . not things.

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