Spa Retreat At Fishmore Hall Hotel

We arrived on a frosty December afternoon with only an overnight bag in our hands, this break was going to be more needed than I anticipated.
While waiting for our taxi, I couldn’t contain my excitement for the big Aldi that was outside Ludlow station, so I dragged my girlfriend there. 
However,  we didn’t travel down to this beautiful Birmingham countryside just to go to Aldi, we came here for a much-needed, girlie spa break.
A new spa has just been opened in the expanding hills of Shropshire. It’s such a funny name, but it is actually quite gorgeous in that part of England, and yes full of shrubbery. 
SpaShell is an eco-conscious spa, which was fitted on the side of the cosy Fishmore Hall Hotel, using the latest eco modular construction techniques that is entirely built off site and delivered, ready to operate within around two weeks. 
After arriving at the hotel in a very slick blacked out Audi, which was chauffeured by the lovely Andy, the maintenance guy who turned out to the hotel owner’s brother! We briefly checked in and were escorted to our cosy, elegant, cream and turquoise bedroom for the night. It has a modern walk-in shower and a gorgeous view of Shropshire’s lush green hills from the bedroom window. 
We didn’t waste much time drinking tea in the room and went to check out the facilities to kick off our spa break. 
As soon as we stepped into the spa, I could smell a gorgeous woody scent which reminded me of my childhood. SpaShell chose to use the eco-friendly Siberian Larch Wood to clad each spa pod, which is the smell I noticed straight away as it reminded me of childhood, when we used to visit my grandma at her summer house in the Siberian countryside. 

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The girls in the spa were lovely, all fairly young, fresh-faced beauticians who showed us round and showed us the very high-tech steam and sauna pod which we enjoyed, although it took a while for them to actually work. 
It doesn’t only gives you the steam and the heat, but also has a light show, with different scents depending on your mood and even music! It is a quite a luxurious experience, but still nothing beats the old fashioned banya that we have back in Russia.              
As it was a nippy November afternoon, the floors outside were covered in sparkling frost, looking like a floor of diamonds and adding to the nostalgic, peaceful atmosphere when we went outside to marinate in the jacuzzi. Nobody was around but the therapists and Andy who was at our service when we needed him to turn up the heat in the jacuzzi, as although it was the temperature that it meant to be, as it is an outside jacuzzi and it is freezing outside, we needed it to be cranked up to the fullest, not to mention I had a Sri Lankan next to me.         

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Having marinated in the spa for long enough, it was time that we got ready to go for dinner where a Michelin star chef Andrew Birch cooked us up a three-course dinner. 
Shropshire is known to be studded with Michelin star restaurants, perfect for people who like the finer things in life, just maybe not my type who also like to preserve our planet, and not eat animals. 
 The next day, right after breakfast we went into our pamper sessions. We both chose the same treatments, a full body massage and a superfood facial, both costing £65 each and being 55 minutes long x 2.  
The treatment pods are so luxurious and had a special relaxing playlist there. I am quite particular about how I like my massages, I appreciate the small touches such as shaking my limbs gently before placing them back on the table, and the heated massage beds were a dream! 
The facial as I mentioned was also 55 minutes and very in-depth, which is designed to pack stressed, dull skin with energising, detoxifying actives leaving the skin plumber, radiant and lit up with good health. My skin did feel so smooth and deeply nourished after it. We were both super relaxed, couldn’t even roll our out of our heated treatment beds!
I enjoyed my experience and thought it was a great little spa, perfect for romantic and girlie weekends away. But more than anything else the fact that I got to spend some quality time with one of my best friends was priceless, it is so important to take the time out to do these things as we get so caught up with working and family lives. 
Thank you to SpaShell & Fishmore Hall Hotel for having us, we had a great time.
Treat yourself:
Fishmore Hall, Fishmore Road, Ludlow, Shropshire (01584 875148) Rooms start from £100 a night. 
SpaShell currently got some great deals for spa packages, and afternoon tea packages. Check for deals here.
Please be aware that we stayed at Fishmore Hotel for an exchange for this review, all views are my own. 

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