How to feel 100% this Autumn with VITL Health.

I don’t know about you, but I am unwillingly accepting the fact that summer is over, and it is time to take out the big cozy jumpers (which I guess isn’t a bad thing), put the heating on, cuddle up to my imaginary bae and whilst preparing for winter, and the flu season. 

I thought I would share with you my secrets on how I keep healthy and flu-free through out Autumn and Winter. I hope you find this useful, and be sure to share the wisdom if you do!


It goes without saying that as the temperatures drop, it is wise to wrap up warm and layer up. I am a sucker for massive cozy scarves which feel are like a warm hug! New season is always a great excuse for me to invest in a new cruelty-free coat. I am currently dribbling over an Aviator faux-leather and fur biker jacket from Zara, which will certainly keep me warm and away from the harsh weather! Lately for me, comfort over style has been winning every time! But I think with this jacket, I could be #winning at both!


I always take it up a notch in regards to my supplements during these months, as we are naturally not getting as much sun, nutrition as we do when it is summer due to local, seasonal colourful produce which we have access to. I have always been an advocate for supplementing and taking the right vitamins to support your system regardless of what ‘diet’ you may be following, or how healthy you may think you are. Just not the ones you get over the counter or at a Supermarket which are full of fillers, not made with organic ingredients, and cause you more damage than good! This again can be researched, and you can see all the horror stories when it comes to taking crappy supplements.

I discovered an amazing brand – VITL – who tailor the supplements to your nutritional needs. Find out your wellbeing scores across the five key pillars of health: digestion, energy, mood, immune system, and detoxication status. The state of these can be found through their app, or online with their online nutritionist who asks you a few questions to see where you need to the boost, to make you feel your personal best! Download the free app, and start your free consultation today here.

I personally felt the difference after taking VITL personalised vitamins in just 3 days after I started taking mine, and my flu-like symptoms vanished, as well as feeling more clear in my head, feeling less fatigued and more energised and my digestion working better as I was taking their powerful probiotics too! Their supplements also come in handy individual day strips, marked with days of the week which mades it so easy to follow! If you are away for a weekend you can just throw a few strips in your bag, without needing to take the whole bottle, or get your tablet organiser out (yes I do have one of those)!

If you would like to get your own set of personalised nutritional supplements, and get your first box with 50% off then use my code “MARSHA” at check out. Download the app here.


What is a superfood? Superfood is a fruit/berry/algae/root/veg which is highly nutrient-rich with goodness unlike other normal food, the foods which normally date way back and were consumed by various indigenous people and tribes, or foods which have incredible health properties and are known to cure various diseases and illnesses.

I include superfoods in my diet everyday! Greens are also so important to help keep the immune system in check. I love my greens, and eat lots of them in forms of cold-pressed juices, salads and smoothies! But for those of you who don’t consume many greens, VITL have these super handy greens superfood sachets which are so easily consumed in water or juice, and actually taste nice! They contain 16 nutrient dense superfoods like Spirulina, Maca, Wheatgrass, Goji Berry, turmeric, saogreens, Chlorella and many more! This way you are getting a healthy super boost of these wonderful ingredients in just one glass! All of these support your immune system, as they are rich in zinc, iron and copper, as well as energy releasing qualities due to the B vitamins!


These have saved my life, and so many of my loved ones lives when we do wake up with a sore throat, or when you have started to feel run-down, and you are about to get a cold, and you need a QUICK FIX! These are my 2 secret recipes which I swear by.


This is a soothing, immune boosting hot drink which I have been making for years! I tend to buy some cranberries over the Christmas period and freeze them, so when it comes to making this, I got Cranberries in my freezer (tricks of the trade)!

You will need:

1/4 cup frozen cranberries

1 whole unwaxed organic lemon

1 tablespoon of raw wild honey*

1 pint of filtered water

2cm root ginger

Boil the water and add the grated ginger, sliced lemon, cranberries and boil it for about 10 minutes. Drain it, let it cool down to warm temperature, add the honey and drink it warm right before bed, whilst getting an early night – Wake up BRAND NEW.


This one has more of a kick, and is great for you in some many ways as each ingredient comes with a host of benefits and is perfect to quickly make and down it in one go.

Juice of 1 lemon

2 cm ginger (or more if you like more ginger)

2 cm fresh turmeric root

1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother

1 tablespoon of raw wild honey*

1/2 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper

1 cup of filtered water

This one I just blend in a blender, but feel free to adjust the measurements to suit your tastebuds when it comes to ginger, apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper as well as honey.

*The reason why I do include honey in these recipes is because raw honey does have so many amazing benefits, a superfood in itself, although I only take honey on these occasions.

This shot gives you the necessary boost, as well as getting rid of a bloated stomach, so a WIN WIN!

I hope you found these secrets on how I stay away from sniffles useful, let me know if you try the shots or the supplements, or if you buy my dream Zara coat, I always love hearing from you! Please do share it if you feel that there is somebody who would be able to benefit from this post!

Please also be aware that this post has got affiliate links, and all that means is that although it won’t cost you anything extra (less even), I will get a small commission of that sale to help me run my blog!

I am also working on my free ‘How to transition to a plant-based lifestyle’ guide, as I get so many of you asking me for advise, meal-plans and general insights, so make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter, so you would be able to download it when it is live!

Wishing you a lovely start to Autumn, and watch out for a few exciting Vlogs which I will be releasing in the near future about the best Vegan Eats, as well as Vegan Burgers in London soon!

Lots of love,

Marsha x

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  • edin
    October 15, 2017

    Quite nice, no winters here 🙂

    • Marsha Derevianko
      November 27, 2017

      But even though, I am sure people are prone to getting the sniffles 😛

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