MyMantra – colourful, eco-friendly active wear.

If you are like me; sick of seeing dull, dark-coloured yoga and gym wear, which is expensive yet uninspiring, made by God knows who from materials, which harm the oceans and the planet then this post is for you!
While browsing the World Wide Web for eco-friendly, colourful yoga pants, I came across MyMantra; an empire and a movement run by a bosslady, Ina, and her hubby; a couple who both love travelling! From reading the story of MyMantra, I felt as if we were soul sisters! There are three things, which excited me about MyMantra when I first discovered them:
1. It is an eco-friendly brand, and some garments are even made from recycled plastic bottles – that is a winning formula for me to shop a brand!
2. It is colourful: the designs of the active wear, as well as the bikinis,  are FUN, CURRENT and totally BEAUTIFUL! All Ina’s designs are inspired by her travels. Ina also involves customers, asking them to create their own designs, and collaborates with kickass yoga teachers on some of them! Which I think it is so cool, and what more brands are trying to do these days. 
3. It is affordable! MyMantra has a sale on most times, and I love to shop in sale personally as I am a bargain Queen! If you follow them on Instagram; Ina often gives away promo codes, because who doesn’t like a discount? You can use ‘worldwithinher’ to get 15% off, and if you are in the UK you will also get free delivery, yay!
When I saw that they have a watermelon design, I had to get them! For those of you who don’t know, I am completely obsessed with anything with watermelons on, so I had to have them! UK shipping was free and quick, so they arrived in a jiffy, beautifully packaged with some empowering words on marketing leaflets – LOVE. They are so so soft, I could actually live in them as they are so comfortable! For the summer, I also loved the fact that they are ankle length, which is perfect to wear with trainers with a little tanned ankle showing!

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” 🙆🏽🌸 How different the world would be if we stopped comparison, jealousy and envy. 🕊

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One pair wasn’t enough so I also got the dragonfly ones, as well as an eco-friendly bikini, which I wore to death in Italy, as I love the Brazilian cut and how it fits – although the bottoms needed to be one size bigger than normal, as they are so tiny and I have a lot of ass! 
MyMantra also gives back by working closely with charities that are close to their hearts. As a result, a small percentage of your purchase is always donated to a bigger cause – this is another reason why I love MyMantra. I am all about celebrating, supporting and letting you guys know which brands are worth discovering and that I love myself.
I meet and talk to so many start-up business owners and I realise that when we shop at more established, big brands, we are allowing the big men at the top to buy another holiday home. However, when we shop at smaller brands, we are paying for their kids’ piano classes or enabling their dream to make this world a better place. 
Since making the choice to go vegan more than three years ago, my whole lifestyle has been evolving, down to the clothes that I buy, and businesses that I support. This is because ethically-made, consciously-created brands are aligned with what I believe in. I vote with my money for the kind of world in which I want to live; a conscious world, where people support one another is definitely a world, in which I would want my kids to grow up. 
I am all about affordable, eco-friendly brands that are comfortable, ethical, and a true expression of the wearer’s personality and style. 
What kind of world do you want to live in? I would love to hear if you like finding out about conscious brands like these. Is this useful? Comment below. 
If you want to make a start on changing the way you shop to a kinder, more ethical manner, but just don’t know where to start, why not email me on for a free consultation to talk about the Ethical, Eco-Friendly, Personal Shopping Service that I offer, or if you are interested in going vegan?
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