Dining on the Rocks – Koh Samui

On Sunday we got up later than usual – at 11 am, having had a late night the night before; plus a Sunday lie in should be made mandatory! After a slow leisurely awakening, we ended up lounging by the pool, staying in the shade to avoid getting sunburnt even more, while sorting through hundreds of pictures we’d taken. It was the perfect day for a healing aloe vera massage to soothe our burnt skin.

After a mega lunch of Khao Phad Subparod Goong – pineapple fried rice with chicken, egg and raisins served in a pineapple skin (a divinely inspired gastronomic feast of flavours that melted in the mouth and sent us to heaven)


After that, we headed to the hotel’s tranquil spa, where my favourite masseuse was waiting. Her hands were pure magic. Not only was I burnt, but my shoulders were hurting from the hard-core jet skiing I have done the day before, and were incredibly tense. I firmly believe she is blessed with the 6th sense, as she knew exactly what I needed as she placed her hands in the exact spots where I was hurting and massaged the tension away. Her firm but gentle touch allowed me to relax and surrender to the experience, knowing that I could trust her not to be rough and hurt me like the woman on the beach the day before. God bless my wonderful masseuse and her magical hands!

The magic hands is the older lady

‘The magic hands’ is the older lady

Before heading out to dinner, we decided to go to the W Retreat, the perfect place to enjoy a tropical sunset while sipping on a cocktail, munching on complimentary popcorn – too small to satisfy but perfect as it was free – and listening to the DJ playing lounge house music. After some time enjoying the moment we ordered a limo and headed to dinner On The Rocks, which is one of the top restaurants on the island, in the Six Senses Hotel.

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This open air restaurant is situated on a large wooden platform on the rocks overlooking the sea, with low lighting and soft music making for an intimate and relaxed ambience. The tables are spaced well apart, allowing for privacy and romance to really unfold – there were only four other couples dining that night. This was all accompanied by a strange selection of songs playing softly in the background, the playlist varied from Arabic-influenced music and jazz to Turkish music – strange but delightful all the same.

For our meal, we chose the five-course taster menu as it looked interesting, and being adventurous, we like to try new things. The dinner was exquisite and the waiters provided a first class service taking the time to explain each course to us, which is to be expected for a restaurant of that calibre. The meal was a succulent mix of unusual flavours and textures, which melted in our mouth sending our taste buds wild with pleasure.

Teriyaki duck breast sweet potato, glazed baby turnips, macadamia nut and lychee gel

Teriyaki duck breast sweet potato, glazed baby turnips, macadamia nut and lychee gel

Pan seared scallops, coriander potato puree, five spices powder and tomato plum chutney

Pan seared scallops, coriander potato puree, five spices powder and tomato plum chutney

It was a perfect night for a night swim, so after the meal, we headed to our empty beach and enjoyed a moonlit dip in the sea while having one of my infamous photo sessions. The sea at night was warm and calm but at the same time scary, so I was reluctant to go too far from shore as I couldn’t see anything beneath the dark waters and didn’t know what creepy creatures might be lurking there. I was assured and promised by my marine biologist that this is unlikely, as most sea creatures don’t swim in shallow sandy waters at night as there is no food there! We enjoyed our dip, with me still being a little cautious, clinging to him for the whole time like a baby koala. And it turns out I was right, as next to my foot there was a small puffer fish, swimming in those same shallow, foodless waters which I was promised would not be inhabited with any creatures… What on earth is a puffer fish doing in these shallow sandy waters, huh, marine biologist?! “That is not meant to be there…” was the answer I got from him. He really shouldn’t promise me things he can’t control!

Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic – Frida Kahlo

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