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World Within Her is a space where people come for stylish and sustainable lifestyle inspiration and recommendations. 

I encourage people to see the world and share my life-enhancing escapes while being more responsible.

I review eco-friendly luxury hotels, retreats, vegan restaurants and I get involved with projects that give back to the people and our planet. 

I have previously been a guest writer for Maybe It’s Because, a feature writer for Delikate Raynecurrently a writer for the Vegan Lifestyle Association and a member of The International Travel Writers Alliance.

I am a Brand Ambassador for Simbi who create accessories in Haiti when purchasing 1 clay bracelet supports 15 sustainable jobs and provides clean water to the people of Haiti. 

As well as an Activist for  Karma Athletics who are a sustainable, eco-friendly fitness brand.

Feel free to send me an email on 

I do reviews, press trips, competitions, brand ambassadorship + freelance travel writing.

Some of the brands which I have previously worked with. 

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  • Kiara
    October 1, 2019

    Your blog is absolutely amazing! The site has a perfect mixture of simplicity and sparkle that make me want to visit often. I have been following you on IG for quite a while now (your travel photos make me smile), but if I am not mistaken, you’ve done major changes to your blog since the last time I’ve visited. This update is extremely favorable and I hope that it boosts your viewers and customers! Lastly, I admire how you are spiritually conscious while also enjoying the finer things in life because, I have found that many times people who are spiritually aware also feel that enjoying the “fine and fancy” things go against spirituality. So, that’s very refreshing for me to see!

    I hope I have returned the favor of putting a smile on your face, as your posts often do mine.

    Much Love & Light to you Marsha,


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