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After saying our goodbyes to the paradise islands and the ocean which will be immensely missed, we headed back for our last night in Bangkok before flying out the next morning back to reality that is London, emails, rush hour tube and days daydreaming about holidays.

We stayed at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, which is apparently the tallest tower in Bangkok. It has 88 floors and is in a great location but needs some serious refurbishment as it is totally like 1989! I initially booked the room in the “space” level which is from floors 70 and up but they didn’t have any non-smoking rooms available, so we settled for a room on the 68th floor which is the “sky” level. We had the panoramic window which covered the whole wall, so the views were phenomenal even through the dusty dirty windows.

I have researched a lovely luxurious spa called Divana, which has won many awards to have some farewell treatment and send us off with a happy ending. We got to the spa which is a little oasis from all the hustle and bustle of the city which is located just off Sukhumvit Road. We were welcomed by sweet ladies who spoke very good English (sometimes that makes a big difference) who gave us our welcome drinks, which tasted like mould, and the huge pamper me silly menus. After we carefully perused the menu, my choice was to go for a foot soak and a scrub before having a Traditional Thai massage followed by an aromatherapy massage – and my beau wanted whatever I was having. After choosing our massage oils (jasmine for me, of course), we went to a dimmed light room where everything was beautifully laid out for us.


Fast forward to the Traditional Thai Massage… I understand it is meant to be pretty hard, as I have had enough of them done being in Thailand for the last two weeks, but certain masseuses just got the pressing technique all wrong – it supposed to be tension relieving and not tension creating, surely! I groaned and exclaimed my ‘Ouches’, but the masseuse didn’t listen – she just carried on with the same pressure. Not only she wasn’t even taking her time with it, she rushed through it all whilst I prayed that I get somebody else doing my aromatherapy…but, of course, I didn’t. Surely, a relaxing aromatherapy massage is not too much to ask for, especially if we just paid the money that we paid?

This woman was rushing the whole massage, I think as it was Friday evening she just wanted to finish work and go out and have some Mai Tai’s with the girlfriends. She was heavy handed, not only that she had rough hands, I felt like I was being massaged by a builder! Laying on my back with my eyes wide open, with clear non-verbal communication of how much I was not enjoying everything that she was doing to me, I couldn’t wait for all of it to end, never mind feeling happy and relaxed.

We got given yummy sticky mango puddings at the end (which was the only highlight for me), but I was not leaving without having my back clicked, which is a must when you are having a Thai massage. The masseuse who massaged my boyfriend was clearly the most professional and experienced one there, so – surprise surprise – she was the only practitioner who was able to click my back – proves my point that I can see who is the best masseuse if only I had the chance to choose them. For that, I probably need to go to a different kind of massage place, if you know what I mean…

In the taxi back to the hotel the air stank of serious discontent and unhappiness. I declared silent treatment without saying a word.

After getting back to our hotel and having a shower, which took a lot longer than usual (trying to scrub an unsatisfying experience off my skin), I got myself together; but because of the curfew and, after all, my sulking we only had 2 hours to get to the restaurant to eat, take pictures and be back at our hotel, tucked in for 12 am.

We ended up going to the stunning Breeze restaurant at Labua, which is the hotel where The Hangover 3 was filmed. What an exquisite restaurant that was! We opted for the non-smoking side, which made us be the only ones in that part of the restaurant, and for the rest of the night we didn’t see a soul but our four overly attentive waiters, the Bangkok skyline and our exquisite dinner.

ipad photos 695

The menu was East meets West; and like with most fine dining places, it had ingredients on there that you can’t even pronounce. Appetite still not being fully present, I opted for a dim sum basket and a cocktail called sweetness (I clearly needed some of that to dilute my bitterness) which made with housemade advocaat, vanilla, cinnamon, Chivas 18, lemonade and rose jelly with jasmine marshmallows. It was gorgeously presented in a classic bottle and was quite creamy and very filling.


I also had some vintage Pu-erh tea (Deehong High Plateau Pu-erh) – quite rich in flavour, has many anti-oxidants and leaves a “warm stimulating feel in the body after drinking it”, said the menu – with a mango cheesecake.

The setting, the food and most importantly the service were second to none. It is a must visit, even if you have to save for a couple of months, but it will be totally worth every penny!

We bowed to our attentive waiters with the “Wai” greeting – a gentle bow with the palms pressed together as if in prayer, which is a sign of respect and gratitude and caught a taxi back to our hotel just in time for the curfew, having armed guards outside the hotel, turning up later than the curfew was not something we wanted to take our chances on.


This trip has been everything I imagined and beyond. We did some things we would only dream about, met some passionate people, drank way too many watermelon and coconut fruit shakes, learnt new things about the culture and ourselves, ate a lot of delicious food and stayed in some places I wouldn’t mind calling my home away from home…

Jasmine scented Thailand will forever have a special place in my heart.

       I will be back…

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