My Secret Night Rituals.

For me, a good night’s rest is a cure for nearly everything. It’s best achieved in my own bed and on my own, so I don’t have to worry about people fidgeting or whether I am farting in my sleep, lolz.

I find that when I keep these ‘little rituals’, if you will, not only do I get the best possible night of rest, but I also have great dreams and wake up super refreshed and ready to take over the world again!

Sleep is very important to me, as it is my way of re-setting the button every night. As I have a very busy life, I try to keep to these rituals most nights, but definitely on Friday and Sunday nights, which are the allocated ‘unplugging from the matrix, me-time’. This is a time when I ground myself as, after a busy week, I can feel abit ‘all over the place’ and I find that I need to balance, cleanse and re-align.


Unplugging from the Matrix..

One of the first things I do is switch off my phone & all other electronic devices in my bedroom.

We are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation these days, and although you can’t see it or feel it, the long-term effects of constant exposure to this type of radiation are quite serious. It is known to increase stress levels, decrease the body’s immune system and cause chronic fatigue, as well as many other problems. So I do my bit of detoxing from that by putting on my pink Himalayan salt lamp, which neutralises those negative electromagnetic ions in the air. I also have a big cube of Shungite by my bed. This is a powerful, ancient crystal, which has so many benefits, and absorbs negative energy and ions while transmitting only positive ions. Having these two things by my bed always is fantastic for detoxing my space, as my bedroom is my sanctuary.

Shower & Bed Time Tea..

I am a ‘shower twice a day’ kinda gal, so an evening shower to wash off my day is a must! I like the feeling of climbing into bed clean and fresh, preferably on clean, ironed sheets too! This is the time when my body starts to wind down for the evening, after which I normally have a soothing, calming night time tea. My favourite are Clipper Sleep Easy, or some blue flower loose tea that my friend brings me from Iran. I am huge herbal tea fan, so an evening without a cuppa is an evening wasted.


Cleanse my aura..

I spend a lot of time around people, with different energies and different intentions and I like to clear all that by smudging my space and myself with white sage or a Palo Santo stick at the end of the day. This cleanses me from all lurking energies and negativity around me, that I may have picked up from people, mum included!! In addition to this, I tend to have a salt (Himalayan or Epsom) foot soak, while I do a 20-minute guided meditation to really re-align and clear my mind of anything that will stop me from falling asleep, as soon as my head hits the pillow!


My rituals continue when I get into bed. I have a gratitude book by my bedside, so I usually write three things from the day for which I am grateful for. It has been proven that if you have positive, warming thoughts before you go to sleep, you will wake up in a great mood, and I have found that it really does work! This is also a habit that a lot of successful people have: Gratitude is a very powerful emotion. Not a lot of people keep a gratitude diary, but if you cultivate the habit and start to practise it daily, it will change your life!


Quality of sleep..

Talking about changing your life, my life has been changed for the better as soon as EVE walked into my life.  The biggest element to achieve a restful night is a comfortable sleep. I have been suffering with a funky back since I started working as a chef; I guess it was down to all the time spent standing on my feet, making amazing vegan food in questionable footwear, but my spine is just not used to that!

Waking up with a stiff body and an even more painful back is not nice, but that’s until I tried out the EVE Mattress and Pillow. After two nights, my back didn’t hurt anymore, I couldn’t believe it! I am a side sleeper, spooning all day eree’day (big up my big spoons!) so something that is soft enough, yet firm enough, to keep make my muscles relax and allow my spine to realign naturally. My life was never the same after I tried this mattress & pillow combo. Getting out of bed has been the hardest thing with that super-comfortable mattress and the squidgy pillow. It is so yummy, I just want to stay in bed ALL DAY! I even think if I were to move abroad, it would be one of the things I would be heartbroken to leave behind, International shipping Eve Sleep??


I hope you got some inspiration and tips from me sharing my bedtime routine. So, apply the things which are suitable and your cup of tea and let me know how it goes for you!

Also, for those of you who have been asking about my views on Eve mattress after I got it, I would wholeheartedly recommend it, especially for side sleepers and the pillow is perfect for vegans, as it is vegan AND so frikkin comfy! It arrived the next working day after ordering, air-packed into a box and they also have a 100-day trial, so you really have nothing to lose! I couldn’t be happier with mine! They also have some ahmmaaazing sheets that I got to touch in their pop-up store in Shoreditch!

I only review and recommend things I totally love (I have to be in love, for those of you who know, know!), so although this is a sponsored post, you don’t pay extra but basically buy me a watermelon at the same time 😉 

Let me know in the comments below what your night-time rituals and routine is. Is there anything I need to know about??? I am always looking to adapt new good habits..

2 Responses
  • Nansera
    November 23, 2016

    Am so getting a gratitude book and getting more serious about an evening cup of tea. I usually take green tea with lemon and chai seeds rejuvenating. Meditation is a must! Thank you for sharing, loving your blog already ????

    • Marsha Derevianko
      November 23, 2016

      Gratitude journal is such a nice thing to do before bed, I really like it. Green tea at night? Because it has caffeine does it not keep you up?? I am so glad you enjoyed the blog 🙂

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