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Ahh Bali –  known as the Island of Gods due to its holy energy and the abundance of temples, but dare I say it is the Island of Vegan Gods! It is an absolute dream to be a vegan in Bali, I never overdosed on dragon fruit and other fruit as much as I have in Bali. 

Me being on a never ending journey of discovering vegan-friendly restaurants all over the world, I am literally THAT BIT*H that gets super excited when I see a vegan restaurant abroad. As history shows I even cycled in pitch black on country roads through the island to go and have dinner at one of the best vegan places on Gili T island, even death won’t stop me!

These are the very small percentage of vegan-friendly restaurants and cafe which I had the chance of exploring whilst on my short 1-week holiday in Bali, after reviewing an Ayurvedic retreat in Ubud for work. I will list all the ones which I was also dying to go to, although I simply didn’t get the time! So if you are in Bali, depending on the area which you are visiting, be sure to check these out. 


Clear Cafe 

This place is incredible, highly recommended. Centrally located, near the Monkey Forrest.  I rushed straight to it after being fed cooked Ayurvedic food all week and all my body was craving a massive raw salad, and a superfood smoothie .. and umm turns out some chips too! I walked past the entrance as it looked so posh, with a massive round wooden, carved out spinning door! After taking my flip flops off and being handed a little ‘flip flop ticket’ I walked up the winy wooden stairs which are draped in live plants to the most spectacular display which they make out of fresh flowers, with beautiful daily messages. On the day when I went it said ‘You Are Loved’ what a beautiful reminder and I, of course, had to ask a random lovely German couple to take some pictures of me, which then ended up as one of the top posts for the Clearcafe hashtag!


I ordered the Chaka Maca as not only was I deprived of super-foods on my retreat, I was also deprived of chocolate too! The orgasmic smoothie consisted of cocoa powder, mylk, maca powder which naturally increases your energy and my seems like my happiness levels too! The salad was inhaled before I could even take some pictures of it for the ‘gram, sorry guys.

I loved the vibe of the place, you can see that a lot of local expats come there to work on their nomadic businesses, which is always an indication of a quality spot, as otherwise you won’t see locals there!

Other places which you could visit whilst in Ubud that I didn’t get a chance to visit are: 

Earth Cafe 


A gorgeous relaxed atmosphere, and scrumptious food (although I haven’t tried it myself)! 


Seems like a raw vegan place, plenty of goodness and they even do vegan cooking classes!

Seeds of life

Another raw food cafe, with lots of smoothies, raw dishes and cakes!

Watercress Cafe 

I went there once to get an Acai bowl but they were sold out, so I tried one of their smoothies which was nice. It is not a purely vegan place, but they do have some vegan options and alternative milk. 

Gili Trawangan

Pituq Café 

This place is amazing! The best vegan food on the island by far. Super cool interior, with cool staff and a super relaxed al-fresco vibe. It is all vegan, and very reasonably priced. I had a dinner there which was a salad with a dragon fruit bowl and a litre of water for under £10! Service is amazing, I was very desperate for some alternative milk so the waiter sold me some soya milk, so I could make my morning smoothies in the morning!


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I did nearly killed myself getting there though. I rented a bike as other than walking, renting a bicycle or getting one of the ‘horse taxi’s’ there is no other way to get around the island. As I stayed at the top of the island, which is on the opposite site to the town and where this cafe is, I had to cycle there in pitch black through country roads which are bumpy AF! It was a mixture of cycling as fast as I could to get there quickly, whilst holding my phone for the Google Maps directions, whilst still managing to hold on to both of the handles for DEAR LIFE so to not fall over! It was an adventure to say the least. Cycling back I followed a couple who used the torches on their phones to guide their way.. I was too hungry and frightened to think of that!

The Banyan Tree 

This is part of a yoga centre and is a lovely little cafe. I came here after a day of snorkelling through all the the plastic and hotel junk in the ocean, oh and seeing turtles.

I ordered their Buddha Bowl and Avocado and Dragon Fruit Smoothie which was TO-DIE-FOR. Got chatting to one of the waiters as it was very quiet, and he told me that although he works there and enjoys the vegan food, none of his friends or family eat vegan. Majority of the people in Bali live on rice, meat and vegetables and that is what they eat 3 times a day, he said, they need something filling and for it to give them energy for the whole day doing hard-laboured jobs.

It was also interesting to learn that such a small island has such a high demand for drugs. Although mushrooms are freely advertised on small stalls, he told me any drug can be bought on Gili T, I was astonished although I knew it was a party island, I didn’t know that drugs were so accessible there, and I mean ANY drugs! I am not into drugs, nor do I condone them, but it is always interesting to talk to locals and get an insight into their life which you won’t get on Lonely Guide!

Kayu Cafe

Specialising in organic dishes, it has many vegan options but does also serve meat. I had breakfast here which was a cooked breakfast, but I wasn’t blown away nor was it ‘Instagrammable’. It has nice coffee’s and lots of people pop in here before their boat leaves as it is very close to the main pier. Worth popping in for a juice I think, but can’t recommend the food, and the service was very.. unbothered. 


Organic Cafe

Is hip, it’s trendy and totally up my ally! They call themselves ‘Garden Gangsters’ and the presentation in these cafe’s are everything! Mainly vegan but they do have some eggs on the menu, I would highly recommend this place. So much choice, you can’t help but order everything on the menu! Their bowls are to die for, highly recommend. But bare in mind that they open from 7am – 4pm so don’t do what I did, and try coming here for dinner. 


Spicy Coconut 

This is one of the cafes which you will see all over Instagram when searching for places to go to in Bali. I have been following them ever since I wanted to visit Bali about 2 years ago! I came here for breakfast as soon as they opened, and as by this time I got a little sick of having sweet breakfast everyday I went for their cooked vegan breakfast, and a baby smoothie bowl. It was so delicious, best cooked breakfast on my trip, reasonably priced  but the place is pretty snug. Little tip: If you go to the nearby beauty salons and you are their first customer,  you can get a super cheap manicure and pedicure as they believe that first business is good luck, so are happy to haggle! I got a pedicure for about £3.50! 


Nalu Bowls + Shelter Cafe

Is another place which is all over Instagram, as it is so photogenic and the bowls look like heaven. I didn’t get the chance to go as I was too busy catching a tan on my final day with Jenny, a girl who I met at Potato Head Beach club and as these places close so early, I missed it. But this place is a MUST visit, since it looks like there are very close to each other you show go down there and have a dragon fruit bowl for me, my fave! 


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As I didn’t go to this area at all, these are the places which I still researched and would visit next time I am there, they all look yummy and all have vegan options!

Betelnet Cafe, Avocado Cafe, Nalu Bowls, Ruko Cafe and Shady Shack. 

Bali is so vegan friendly, as many people see the opportunity to open up these cafes and restaurants as Veganism is growing rapidly and there is a the perfect opportunity to monitise on that by opening a super Instagrammable place, with amazing food and make us happy!

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Sending you lots of love and dragon fruit bowls x


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