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The Stable – Whitechapel (Vegan Pizza)!

I first discovered The Stable when they did a ‘free vegan pizza’ on World Vegan Day back in November. It seemed that every vegan and non-vegan flocked down to The Stable to have some of their delicious sourdough pizza on the house, where the queue went round the block!   Nested on the main street in Whitechapel ...

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A stylish and authentic guide to Tunis, Tunisia.

There is so much beauty to experience and a profound shift in your perceptions happens when you dare to travel far and wide, dare to do things and go to those places, that other people are cautious about visiting, and discover it with your own eyes. I was astonished and pleasantly surprised by the beauty ...

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Loving Yourself in 21st Century.

Self-love is the first step to any truly selfless act in this world. Compassion is a powerful source of change, and the only compassionate act you can make must begin with Self-love first. Any healing change you want to bring to this world starts with you achieving that change within yourself. Self-love is an act of ...

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Cleansing & Nourishing Vegan Kitchari

I first had this when I was at a yoga retreat in Australia. It stems from Ayurveda and is known as 'food of the gods' due to its healing properties. A nourishing staple for babies, elderly, the sick and the enlightened. It is used by yogi's to assist them with cleansing, detoxing and even deepening their spiritual practise. I make ...

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Yoga White Lotus – Byron Bay

Yoga White Lotus is based in Lennox Head, which is a peaceful part of NSW close to Byron Bay. It is based in a converted house made into a yoga centre by the owners Madhava and his beautiful wife Shymala, and their gorgeous son little Jai, who all mainly wear white and yellow, and don't ...

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Vevolution – Veganism Awareness

Veganism is gaining momentum and I love being part of this incredible, sustainable, compassionate future.    Vevolution is the new kid on the block. Every month, Damien and Judy host sell-out, thought-provoking, inspiring events and there is also an annual festival, featuring some of the baddest vegans in the world. These vegans are making waves. Their mission is ...

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