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L8 Boutique Apartments – Bologna

Bologna must be one of the most underrated cities in Italy. Tourists tend to overlook this city and focus more on the typical touristy areas of Italy.I am a massive fan of Italy. I swear, I was Italian in my past life as I have a deep connection to the culture, food and language. Italy is undeniably an incredible ...

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The sweatiest baddest fitness event in town.

Sweat Social is for those babes + kens who want to get fitter whilst having a fun workout and meeting likeminded people.  When I first moved to Australia, I was keen to meet likeminded gals who are interested in fitness, wellness and rituals that took place in the beautiful and godly hours of the day -  ...

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Top 5 places to visit in Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan

Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are three bordering South Caucasian countries, with unique beliefs, customs and traditions. Despite the differences, there is one thing that is common for all of them -  so much to see and experience, and how everyone who visits falls in love with the warmth and extraordinary hospitality of the people.In recent ...

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A Guide To Modern Cairo

Many people have the wrong idea about Cairo. Some see it as an ancient site, simply because this is how we tend to think of most of Egypt, and Cairo is the capital of the most ancient nation. Others imagine it as a dry town sticking up from a barren desert, which may not have ...

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Bangalow Guesthouse – a homely country getaway.

I love living in the city of Gold Coast, but every now and then the country calls me. I crave space, unplugging, being amongst the tree’s and filling my lungs with fresh air.. Bangalow Guesthouse a gorgeous, modernised 1900’s property with stand-alone vintage cottages, as well as suites in the heart of Bangalow, a cute little ...

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Rejuvenate your body + mind at the Côte d’Azur.

Does your body need clean nourishment, soothing massage and healing movement? Does your mind need a break from the endless technology of everyday life? Imagine the ultimate luxurious spa retreat in the comfort of your own private villa. Imagine if you could savour the mouth-watering offerings of a world class chef without leaving your property. ...

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